Thursday, April 28, 2011

Better Off

PAD, Day 28 - the world without something
form - virelai

Better off with no
Mr. Mosquito.
Don't bite!
I wish you'd go,
Mr. Mosquito,
Outta sight!
Nothing good you show,
Mr. Mosquito.
You're a blight!

You hatch in the night
Faintly buzz landing light.
Diseases bring.
It's not all right
You're an itchy plight
When you sting.
So you better take flight
I'll try with my might
You to fling.

You are so annoying
Can't you just take wing?
I am not giving in.
I see you landing.
This is the ending
When you start sucking.


Author Joshua Hoyt said...

I like this poem it is fun to think of all the things we can write about. Good job I hope you got the mosquito:)

C R Ward said...

LOL We have mosquitoes here the size of humming birds. Okay, maybe I'm exagerating just a tad, but they feel that big when they bite you.

Tara Tyler said...

unnecessary pest!

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