Sunday, April 10, 2011

I'll never...

PAD Day 10 – I’ll never….again.
Form: Triolet (tree-o-LAY) It's French. Crazy Sunday, glad I didn't have A-Z.

Never is a long time...

I’ll never do Vegas again
Spectacular though it may be.
The heat, the smokin’ and gamblin’
I’ll never do Vegas again.
Once was enough to remain.
But what if the kids are not with me?
I’ll never do Vegas again?
Spectacular though it may be.

(We had a great time, but it hurt my eyes, in too many ways.)


Cathy said...

I like it!
I've never been to Vegas (never been west DC). LOL. said...

I love Vegas!!!! But I so get what you mean about it hurting your eyes :)

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