Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"P" is for Prevention


My favorite health magazine! I just renewed after a lapse and will be posting tips from it bi-monthly.

Prevention, May 2011
Momma Sheryl Crow is featured - Can you believe she's 49!!
She looks awesome!

Selected Health & Beauty Tips:
  • colorful lips are more attractive (I never used to wear lipstick, now I do, sometimes).
  • naturally whiten your teeth with - an apple!
  • after soaking up too much sun at the ballpark, drench a thin cloth in milk and lay it on your face for 5 minutes - to reduce redness and calm irritation! (whodathunk!)
  • want that candlelight glow all day? dust shimmery powder just under your brows.
  • lose something? don't get mad, get glad - apparently when you're amused you think clearer.
  • eat more tomatoes, carrots and peaches for a healthy, attractive glow from the beta-carotene (just not too much, don't want to look like an oompa loompa)
  • the riper the banana, the more sugar and less healthy it gets
  • eat more berries! and tuna! (not necessarily together)
The same standard 3 rules for losing weight that are repeated in one form or another every month:
  1. drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies and less junk (1600 cal/day and every 4-5 hrs)
  2. exercise (cardio & strength training - alternating every other day)
  3. get more rest
Beginning of May I will put up some recipes and a Friendship Quiz - how productive are your friends for you?


Dana said...

Love the tips!

Kris said...

Great tips. I fell off the wagon a while ago and it's time to get back on for my health. Vegan's a good way to go, or a least once a week.

C R Ward said...

Wonderful tips! Spring is a great time to turn over a new leaf health-wise.

I didn't know that about the sugar content of bananas, no matter how much sugar was in it, I expect the banana I had with my afternoon tea was probably still a healthier choice than the chocolate cake with peanut butter icing that was calling my name. :-)

Nicki Elson said...

An apple, really? Haha, I just grabbed one. It's quite delicious---I really should think of eating one more often. Thanks for the tips. :)

Karen M. Peterson said...

Those are some great tips. Especially that one about dipping a cloth in milk. Never heard of that!

Tara Tyler said...

thanks, y'all!
Kris - I've been trying to get on the wagon for years...

C R - you made me LOL (and I hate writing that!)

Nicki - isn't that funny, I should too.

Karen - I'm going to try that milk one =) thanks for stopping by!

Heather Henry said...

Yep, Sheryl Crow is gorgeous. I can't believe she's 49. Wow!!

These are really great tips, I'm definitely going to put some of those to use. Thanks for sharing.

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