Friday, April 1, 2011


Why did she have to go?
I wish that she had stayed.
I miss my friend of old,
Growing farther every day.

I can text or call or write
Facebook, email, twitter?
It’s not the same as hugging
It’s not like being with her.

After months of planning,
The miles slip away.
I’m finally at her doorstop
We don’t know what to say.

The kids go off to Xbox,
Or find some kind of trouble.
We talk about our hubbies,
How the gas prices doubled.

How is this and so-in-so?
How much the kids have grown!
Remember good old what’s his name?
And just as time has flown,

We pick up where we once left off
Our secret truths reveal
And share the understanding
That only we can feel.

PAD Day 1: "What got you here"

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