Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Lazy Dog Days of Summer!

Celebrate with me!

I hope you are doing well for the continuing saga of the IWSG--Insecure Writers Support Group!

As life is full of ups and downs, May was a big up for me, and I needed it. It was a terrific month full of fun events and gatherings. And I'm excited to share them with you...

First, I met up w/my great writer friend
Patricia JL when she came to town

Did you catch a glimpse of the
Aurora Borealis? We saw it in OHIO!

I'm having a blast working on 2 writing projects - 
while watching my silly pups!

Favorite family pic (so far)
Excellent gathering!

Finally got back down to ATL
Visited w/my good friend Kim

and my traveling friend Amber

Love when the puppies
wear themselves out.

But they're always back for more!

A couple of other May items: we finished another fantastic school year and are helping my son heal from a common pitcher surgery--that's no fun, but we're making the most of it. He's keeping his head up, hopeful for success after a full recovery. 

Here's to tons of writing and loads of fun summer happenings! 
And hoping it doesn't fly by too quickly, as it so often does.



M.J. Fifield said...

Love that pic of the dogs in the pool. My German shepherd liked to do that, too. My current pups don't enjoy the water, so they won't go near it.

Your Aurora Borealis pic is gorgeous! Apparently, they could be seen in parts of Florida as well, but I didn't even try because I figure they would never be this far south. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's photos, though.

Best of luck with your two writing projects. Wishing your son a speedy recovery!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Cool you hung out with Patricia.
Ever tempted to join the dogs in the pool?

L. Diane Wolfe said...

I wish we could've seen the Northern Lights. It was cloudy that night. Cleared early morning, but no way we could get up at four in the morning to see them.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

I hope June is awesome. So glad you found time with your writer friends.

Sherry Ellis said...

I'm so glad you were able to catch up with other friends while you were in Atlanta. Sounds like you've been super busy!

Fundy Blue said...

Hi, Tara! Thanks for sharing the photos of all the fun you had in May. Have a happy and creative June!

Rebecca M. Douglass said...

So glad you had a good month! May went pretty well for me, and I'm sort of startled to find us charging through June awfully fast.

Got great views of the Aurora with my daughter, down at the beach near our house (Seattle). She's the one who insisted I get up and go down there, and I'm so glad!

Shannon Lawrence said...

Sending speedy recovery vibes to your son! It looks like you're already having a great summer.

Patricia JL said...

I missed the northern lights. I can't remember if I just didn't hear about it in time or if it was cloudy. ^^;;

It was so fun to hang out with you. If I go with hubby again to Cincinnati for his work thing (as it is yearly it appears) we gotta get together again.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

Love the pictures!

Michelle Wallace said...


Well done on the 2 writing projects!
Is that Patty in the picture? Awesome that you got to meet up with her.
Take care, my friend.

DMS said...

Your May sounds fabulous! Hope June has been great too. :) Hope your son's arm is all better!


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