Saturday, September 24, 2011

Suburban CiCi

This is a guest post. I found Suburban CiCi (you may remember her as Cinderella) and talked her into giving us some happily ever after advice. Now she lives in the suburbs with the King and three Princes.

Take it away, CiCi!

I am soooo serious! Oh, hang on, I'm doing a blog. I'll have to call you back, FG.

Hello all you people in blogland! I am so honored to be doing this post-thingie and hope it gives encouragement to other Maids turned Moms. Let me tell you all about my life after the royal wedding.

First, we moved around. This kingdom needs us over here, that kingdom needs us over there, bla bla bla. Anyway, we're settled here now and let me tell you, I don't want to move again!

And I had hoped my days of scrubbing the floors were over. Boy was that a joke. Now I have 4 boys to clean up after - much messier than those step sisters.

At least I get to go out more. Like tonight the King and I are supposed to go to a ball. I just hope I have enough energy left to have a good time, because every time we get a sitter, I have to clean the entire castle before I can go! Sound familiar? FG doesn't mind if the place is a mess, but come on. I have to do it, right?

Then I have to squeeze into my gown. After three kids and a few decades, the curves have shifted. And FG is no plastic surgeon.

Overall life has been good. We have been happy and our kingdom is a great place to live. The princes are growing up nicely and staying out of trouble so far.

My advice: Deal with the bad, then you can appreciate the good. Just because I married Prince Charming doesn't mean I live in a fairy tale.

Thank you Ci-Ci! Sounds like you have to work to make a happy ending last. May all your dreams come true!


Bethany Elizabeth said...

Very cute post! :) And it's true, happily ever after doesn't mean always-happy-ever-after. :)

John Teal said...

Funny take on life, I guess that is why fairy tales end with happily ever after. Because the happily ever after really means you have to work at being successful, and we are not always ready to hear that bit!

RJR Daydreamer

Peggy Eddleman said...

Great guest post! Happily ever after definitely comes with the need to have a great attitude about life!

Weaver said...

What a fun post. Too bad about FG not being a plastic surgeon though.

Tara Tyler said...

bethany - thanks, gotta take the downs w/the ups =)
rjr - right, you never hear about the "after" life!
peggy, thanks! hard to do sometimes!
donna, wish i had an fg just to help clean =)

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