Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Campaign Team!

I decided to make a list of my Campaign Team because the page with all the teams was driving me crazy! All the pictures made it take forever to open, or maybe it's just me. 

Really looking forward to the first event on Monday. It's been great to see some familiar friends and I've been getting around meeting new ones. (Please let me know if your info needs to be corrected =)

Adult Fiction, Group 4
        Claire H
        Olumide B
        Nikki S
        Christy Farmer
        Kate Lineberger
        tara tyler
        ebarrett writes
        L. G. Smith
        poems & fiction
        Ashley Davis
        Joelle Wilson
        Ali Bacon
        Neil Vogler
        Elaine Charton
        D. J. Kirby
        Crime (A)
        Rance Denton
        Julie Flanders


Christine Murray said...

It's taking me an age to open them too. But all this talk of teams is making me feel a bit competitive! ;)

Tara Tyler said...

i think it's more to keep us from having to be spread too thin. we are encouraged to work in our team but some joined multiple teams and others visit more. we do what we can. i dont think its a competition, i just like to make badges =)

Laura said...

Wow - look at that kist of new friends!!!

MISH said...

What a great idea ! I've borrowed it - hope you don't mind . It's much easier than scrolling through hundreds of pics/photos .

Abby Fowers said...

Oooh - fun! This does make it nice and easy. :) I'm excited for the campaign. Its going to be great!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Science fiction finally became two groups and I'm still trying to follow everyone.

Dana said...

I'm sorry that I missed the deadline. The campaign looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Christy Farmer said...

Thank you so much Tara! Pleasure to meet you:-)

Sylvia said...

That's such a great idea to make a list. I have just imported all my blogs to one place to make it easier, and it looks like google has made me follow everyone again! Lol.

Tara Tyler said...

Laura, yes. yes it is. (did you come back to read it? hee hee)
Mish, glad to offer =)
Abby, me too!
Alex, you need more to do - or do you have time machine?
Dana, sorry you did too. maybe next time.
Christy, you too =)
Allie, isn't technology fun?!

Tracy Krauss said...

This is a great diea. I may do the same ...

Neil Vogler said...

Tara -- this is a brilliant idea! And I'm loving the badge. The list makes it a lot easier to breeze on through to everyone's blogs.

This is a great blog you have here, very well presented.

Rhonda @Laugh Quotes said...

Congratulations and good luck on your campaign.

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