Saturday, September 17, 2011

Calling on Janet Reid

Janet Reid is the agent that got me into this writing mess. Hers is the first blog I came upon when I started to look up how to get published. She is hilarious and brutally honest and downright helpful! I have read her Query Shark posts backwards and forwards, her advice is priceless.

Okay, I think that's enough butt-kissing ering up. The reason I am shouting out is two-fold. First she wrote this article saying she was paying more attention when people mentioned her and if she found a site interesting, it better have a sample of writing or WIP. SEE MY QUERY LETTER SAMPLE! (My letter changes with each send out and if any of you kind folks have advice for it, blast away.)

Secondly, I entered her latest contest. My format is not like all the others, but I think it still belongs =) It was fun anyway, even if I don't win! So, Ms. Reid, if you're listening - THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!


Angela Cothran said...

I love Query Shark, and that article is very interesting. I had no idea!

Heather Henry said...

Very cool! I love all the books put into a poem. And that you included the pictures of the books, as well. Awesome and so creative.

Precy Larkins said...

How very clever! Love the poem with the book titles. Good luck with the contest :)

And yeah, Janet Reid rocks!

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I love that poem! What great books!

Heather Cashman said...

Great advice and good luck with the query.

Tara Tyler said...

Angie - I know, right?
Heather - thank you =)
Cherie - it was great fun!
Shelly - thanks!
Heather - I appreciate it, thanks for stopping by =)

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