Monday, September 19, 2011

Kick start Monday - Versatility!

A ton of people are participating in Alex's Worst Movies Ever Blogfest. The entries are funny, some surprising and mostly forgettable - I couldn't remember my most disliked movies, except "The Never Ending Movie Story" so I'm just reading the others.

Coming up later this week is another campaign challenge *cracks knuckles* - gotta do my brain exercises! like this flash fiction for Terrible Minds. Only 100 words this week using 3 of these 5 prompts: enzyme, ivy, blister, bishop, lollipop

Docta, I goth thith blithter on ny tongue. Can you help ne?

What have you eaten lately?

Lell, thith norning I hat eggth lith tabathco thauthe. Thor lunch I hat tacoth and thor dinner I hat hot wingth.

Do you eat spicy foods on a regular basis?

Yeth! I lothe it!

Then that shouldn’t be the cause of your blisters. Anything else?

Oh, yeah. I thorgot. I hat a lollipop athter dinner.

What flavor?

Thinnamon jalapeno.

That’s it! The enzymes in your mouth couldn’t handle the cinnamon. Stay away from it!

And finally, my new friends, K.T. and Rance both awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award (a while back, sorry it took so long to acknowledge)! Thanks, guys!

So, I will just whip out 7 useless facts about myself:
  • When I was three I fell down the basement steps and got 2 black eyes and they crossed. Been wearing glasses ever since...
  • I was always the shortest person in class - and I still am.
  • I worked as an engineering assistant on the Space Shuttle engine (not the one that blew up)
  • Piers Anthony was one of my favorite authors growing up
  • In third grade I was a singing camel in my first musical =)
  • I can crack my nose - I'd show you but, you know, this is just a blog...
  • I have vitiligo (where my skin loses its color in patches, leaving it bleached) It sucks, but I deal with it because it's just appearance. So many others have way worse things to deal with.
And now I pass it on to some more new friends =)

Neil @ A Writer, He Muttered
Ru @ And then she was like bla, bla, bla
J @ Concrete Pieces of Soul
D.J. Kirby
David Powers King
Doralynn @ My Publishing Diary
Robin Weeks
Ruth @ Ruth + Writing
Christine T @ The Writer Coaster
Laura @ Wavy Lines
Mary @ Wistful Nebulae


julie fedderson said...

I'm swearing off cinnamon! Nice job on the flash fiction.

Sylvia said...

Great little flash, I'm impressed with the dialogue / speech difficulty.

Angela Cothran said...

Love the flash fiction. You are a wiz at accents (I know from your WIP) and evidently you can write a mean lisp!

Alana said...

You can crack your nose? I can't decide if that impresses me or makes me squirm. ;)

Love the dialogue - great job! I can totally hear the lisp.

Jessie Humphries said...

Congraths on the award (said with a lisp).

Neil Vogler said...

Many thanks for this, Tara! I am waaay behind on my blogging schedule. Nice FF, by the way.

Anonymous said...

I do remember you telling me you walked out on "Space Balls"

Mark Means said...

Very cool flash fic...nice job!

Ru said...

Thanks for the award, that's so awesome!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Congratulations! Crack your nose? Do I dare ask...?

Doralynn Kennedy said...

You worked as an engineering assistant on the Space Shuttle engine! How cool is that! And I loved Piers Anthony when I was in my 20's! Very creative stories.

Thanks for the award. A couple other bloggers gave that to me earlier this week! But my computer's been on the fritz. (Still is, actually, but at least it hasn't frozen up on me in the last couple of hours!)

Dee Martin said...

yikes! I think I would stay away from that flavor from now on! Great job!

M Pax said...

Thank you, awesome Tara. :) I like Piers Anthony, too. He wrote one of my favorite stories, but I can't recall the name of it now.

I had some Trident cinnamon gum and it made my mouth go numb & feel like it was scaled. Threw that stuff out. Why would they do that to us?

Ruth Josse said...

Thank you, thank you:)

Tara Tyler said...

thanks for your comments =) and you're welcome for the award! it was hard to find people that didnt just get it!
cracking my nose trick is great @ parties!

J said...

Great flash, Tara, and thanks for the award! :D

D.J. Kirkby said...

Thank you for my award. I did a post on this here:
p.s. in answer to your question - there is plenty of time - you have until Dec 1st and there will be mini comps every Friday too :)

Laura S. said...

Congrats on your award, Tara, and thanks for passing it on to me! I love the book "Demons Don't Dream" by Piers Anthony. :) Have you read that one? It was fun learning more about you!

Unknown said...

So, the nose-cracking thing. Does it involve your teeth and a fingernail at all? :)

Sorry I'm so late--this has been a crazy week!

I've already got this award, but I'm still thrilled you thought of me! Thanks!

Unknown said...

...and I forgot to check the email follow-up comments box. Grr.

Did you know you can adjust your settings to let people subscribe to comments without leaving one? Just sayin. :D

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