Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fill Here

Robert Lee Brewer of WD's Poetic Asides prompted us to write a poem about nothing, more specifically an "empty" poem. here is mine =)

Fill Here

My tank needs fuel
Not gas or oil
But something to get me going.

My head is hollow
My brain is there
It needs inspiring occupants.

My heart's ne'er full
Love comes and goes
And there's always room for more.

Add on! A new blog for all things creative has just sprouted, the purple treehouse and invited me to share a haiku. sticking with the above theme, here goes nothing =)

From Nothing

Start with empty space.
As the pieces interlock
A gift emerges.


Sharon Sullivan-Craver said...

Oh how I can relate to

C R Ward said...

Wow, that sounds like me these days! :-D

Anonymous said...

"My brain is there. It needs inspiring occupants."

Hehe, well, as you well know, Tara, my brain is soon going to be "standing-room only." And I'm not entirely sure about the "inspiring" part. (Smiles)

Neat poem. I likey.

Laura Josephsen said...

"It needs inspiring occupants." Yeah, I feel like that a lot lately. ;)

Jack Edwards Poetry said...

Brilliant poem. Easy to relate to.

Anonymous said...

No way will you convince me that you don't have a million things going on in your head. So creative and willing to share. Loved the poem.

Ellie Garratt said...

What a brilliant idea - poetry about nothing. Genius.

Loved both of yours!

Ellie Garratt

M Pax said...

Love the haiku. Very profound and thought-provoking.

Your poem on nothing is great. Love 'the need for occupants'. :)

morganna said...

I like the haiku and the little mystery you created.

Rhonda @Laugh Quotes said...

Two great writings.
Maybe you need some coffee to get rid of the emptiness. Oh, wait, that's me, I need some coffee.
Seriously, well done.

Alexis Bass said...

Ditto! Energy and time are so sparse lately. Love this!

Jingle said...

stunning piece.
Thanks for sharing.

Tara Tyler said...

thank you for the great comments! now i don't feel as empty! and again, i'm glad i'm not alone!

Anonymous said...

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Welcome sharing your poetry with us today.

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Keep up the excellence.
Hope to see you linked in and share.


Anonymous said...

It always starts with emptiness! Excellent Haiku

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Nicely put. Well done..


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