Thursday, July 7, 2011


Another poetry prompt from Poetic Asides, write a poem from a group's point of view. Of course I had to get animated with it...


You shake us up
The pressure builds
We’re multiplying
Rushing around
There’s no use trying
To settle us down
We have to get out
It’s crowded in here
And more are coming
The time is near
We can’t be contained
Not one second more
POP! We exploded!
Pop spilled on the floor.


Unknown said...

Very awesome poem! Carbo-nation, Brilliant!
(did you mean to "use" not "us"?)

M Pax said...

Tres amusing. Great job, Tara.

Nancy Thompson said...

I liked that! I've been seeing your name around the blogosphere so I decided to check in on you. Ding, ding ding, another new follower!

Julie Flanders said...

Great job!!

Heather Henry said...

Ahh Tara, so awesome. I love your poetry. You have a way with words! If carbonation could speak, I am certain this is what it would say! :)

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