Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So satisfying

I finally finished the mega-monster sized book, "Duma Key" by Stephen King (770 pgs!). It's been sitting in my car for months as my "waiting" book - waiting room, waiting in line, waiting to pick up my kids, etc. Stephen King is an awesome writer and the book kept my interest enough to finish it with a great ending, but it draaaaaaaagged on for-ever! When it finally got to the good scary part (the last 200 pages or so) I finished it in two days! I guess a world famous legendary writer is allowed to do that...ah, to dream.

There were some very good catch phrase lines in the book, but here is my favorite:

"As the mathematician said when he divided by zero, here goes nothing."

I recommend it, but it's not a quick read =)

In other news, I went ahead and gave Aheila's Drabble Day a shot. The prompt was “wind” and I took it in a different direction...

My pep has pooped out. I’ve been feeling so run down lately. Time is dragging and passing in slow motion for me. The ticking is losing its meaning. Each movement an exerted effort. Yet no one else seems to have lost their vigor. The children still whoosh by my face, the dog still barks and jumps, the meals are prepared and eaten in a jiffy. So why am I so tired? Why are my hands limping their way to reach the next destination? One, more, notch…

“Hey, Mom. I think this clock stopped.”

“Then why don’t you wind it up?”


MISH said...

That was smart , to use the other meaning of "wind" !
And doubly-smart to tell it from the clock's point of view ... I give a double thumbs-up to your drabble !

Kelly Said said...

Hi :)

I'm creeping up on your blog ninja style to say I loved your write up for Duma Key (^_^) This book's girth has been in my "to read" stacks for quite some time, perhaps I'll crack it open this weekend ;)

kellysaid :D

Unknown said...

Yeah Duma Key was the first 'good' book he'd written in a long time. Under the Dome is also pretty good, but it's even longer than Duma Key! And Full Dark, No Stars was pretty enjoyable, too.

M Pax said...

I enjoyed his Dark Tower series, but haven't read much else by him. My husband is a King fan. I'll pick it up for him.

I like your excerpt. Now I feel ... tired. :D

Ryan said...

Ha! There's no end to a mom's day and nothing is too trivial. ;o) Fun drabble, T!

Nicki Elson said...

Cute twist on "wind"! And congratulations on finishing the mammoth book. Glad the ending made it aaaaall worth it. What a good idea to keep a specific "waiting" book handy.

Tara Tyler said...

Mish, always a positive thing to say, and bonus today! thanks!

kellysaid! well i'll be! so happy you found me! had to give up AW- it was becoming a problem...really glad to see you!

beckah, just read your review, thanks for the comments, i'll dive in under the dome soon =)

m pax, you're funny =)

ryan, thanks, guy!

nicki, thanks for the comments, it was worth it and i'm very glad it was!

Heather M. Gardner said...

I made the mistake of trying to read IT as my first King novel. I hate clowns. I haven't read anything else by him. I'm sure I'm missing out but I just can't get over...well...IT.

Nice take on wind! I love your short-n-sweets.


Dana said...

I love your take on the drabble challenge. Very creative!

Heather Henry said...

When you said "wind", I was expecting the breezy kind. I love your view of it instead though. I love the line, "the ticking is losing it's meaning." That is so awesome.

I am reading The Library Policemen by Stephen King and it's taking me awhile, even though it's a short story and a good one. I think I'm just tired when I read it. I haven't read much of his new stuff.

Have a wonderful weekend! :)

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