Wednesday, November 16, 2016

That time of year #Writerslife #Survey

What time of year? You know, the holidays are coming up! It's a busy season for all, including writers. I've always wanted to do a holiday themed anthology, but just like fashion, you have to have it ready six months ahead of the season!

Nov/Dec Writer's Life Survey... (and my answers)

1) Have you ever written/submitted/published a holiday story? Details?

I did one last year for Geekdom House "A Super Christmas" I'd like to do more, but like my Xmas shopping, I usually wait until the last minute... I started a cozy Christmas mystery about Cooper and Geri going up to visit his parents, but it sits unfinished. One of these days!

2) Have you ever been a part of/wanted to do an anthology? If so, how many? And How was your experience?

I've been a part of a few anthologies. And I've been rejected for a few too - ouch, but it doesn't stop me from submitting! I like writing short stories and an anthology has a bigger readership with multiple authors' fan bases!

3) What is your preferred length of a novel - to read and/or write? Shorter, Medium, or Looong?

I like shorter and medium, but will do long if I love it (Game of Thrones)

4) When is your favorite time to read?

Whenever I can! I steal spare moments all the time, especially when waiting.

5) Want to share a line from something you're working on? A teaser or quote? Or even an inspirational phrase? We could use something intriguing or uplifting!

Since the release of CRADLE ROCK is right around the corner, here's a quote from it...

"Girls can't resist the urge to fix things. Especially boys."

Bonus Question: Give us a book recommendation (not your own, cheesy!) - a gift we can give each other (and to another author!)

My Book Recommendation is The Totem Series by Christine Rains
These three shapeshifting sisters are as fierce as their polar bear alter egos. They are determined to save their kind by finding missing Totem pieces, no matter the dangerous legends and magic surrounding them nor the mysterious, evil shifter competing for its control.

These are the first three novellas in the series that are out so far...

Each book focuses on a different sister with distinct, clashing personalities. And besides helping their kind, they have to deal with relationship problems. It can be hazardous when mixing duty and pleasure.

Here's the links - Totem 1 - Dark Dawning, Totem 2 - Silent Whispers, Totem 3 - Cloak of Snow

Have a scrumptious Thanksgiving and get hopping on the shopping!
Looking forward to your responses!


M.J. Fifield said...

Ugh. Holiday shopping. I had kind of forgotten about that. I know I groaned at the beginning, but thanks for the reminder. :)

1. No.

2. I was going to say no, but then I remembered yes. I have a short story in an anthology of cat stories that a fellow author (Kyra Lennon) put together to raise money for a local cat shelter. The experience was fine. There didn't seem to be much to it, honestly. I don't know if that's typical or not.

3. I'll read a book of any length. It doesn't matter to me. And with the exception of that one short story mentioned above, I have yet to write anything that could be considered short.

4. Whenever I can.

5. I can't think of a good one right now, but I love your quote.

Bonus Question: I just finished Shaun David Hutchinson's novel We Are The Ants, and really enjoyed it. It's dark YA, so it won't be for everyone, though.

Can't wait to read Christine's latest series.

Happy Thanksgiving, Tara.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Good books to recommend.
Yes, I also had a Geekdom House Christmas story.
I've been in several anthologies and helped put together three now.
Medium is good. Long just means I'll take forever to read it.
In the evening.
If only I was working on something besides an outline...
I recommend Parallels: Felix Was Here. Some great stories.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I used to do my shopping really early, but don't anymore. I found with kids that they switch the list too often- may as well wait until it's finalized.

Carrie-Anne said...

1. I absolutely love writing holiday scenes, sections, and chapters, and have written some Halloween flash fiction for bloghops in the past.

2. I've had work published in five anthologies to date, and would love to be featured in a more high-profile anthology that pays me.

3. Super-long, at least 500 pages! I want a book I can climb into and live in for a few weeks, though I still tend to read even sagas a lot faster than most folks. I actually was disappointed it took me nineteen days to read War and Peace, instead of a maximum of two weeks.

4. I don't have a particular favorite time, though I do enjoy reading on Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, when I can't use any electronics.

5. Everyone has to start somewhere, and there’s no better place than high above the world, up on the roof, under a starry night, on his eighteenth birthday.

Crystal Collier said...

1. Yes, but it was actually a skit for elementary kids to perform. Which they did.
2. I've been part of about 10 anthologies, seven of which are currently in print. They have each been wonderful experiences.
3. I like to read novels in the 250-400 page range (350 is the sweet spot).
4. Always.
5. At seventeen, I had my whole life planned: graduating high school with a 4.0, going to Columbia Law, becoming a kick-butt attorney, making millions and retiring by forty-six. Dating an assassin? That one was not on the list.

Recommendation? Tango with a Twist by John Robert Mack. This isn't my normal kind of read, but it had such a voice. So much personality. Or Nobody's Goddess by Amy McNulty. This is a love or hate it kind of book. I LOVED it.

Tara, as always, fun survey. Here's wishing you sanity through the season!

Sheena-kay Graham said...

1. Nope. But I have published poetry with a local magazine a while back. With the exception of two (to another paper), all submissions were paid. Oh and also a poem for Nick's anthology book before his son died.

2. One. Writing for Nick's anthology was a beautiful experience since he was gathering poems and stories into a book to help his son. I was not paid in money but the feeling of accomplishment and gratitude was enough for me.

3. I guess I'd it be under 600 pages. There was one I didn't finish that was practically a thousand. So yeah...a thousand pages for one book seems to be my kryptonite at the moment.

4. I would say I'd desire daytime but whenever I can spare time to read is also great. But it can interfere with me going to sleep. One more page!

5. I decided to go with an excerpt that will hopefully scare you. This is from my NA horror novel The Huntress (Book One)

When I lifted the cover for the tongue my mouth fell open. Litwell was done rare. Clearly my suggestion to look for him during the day had it's reward. I cut into the succulent meat and savored the jealous looks as the smell of blood filled the air. Litwell you delicious traitorous man you.

Book Recommendations:

1. Heartless by Marissa Meyer (Fantasy)
2. Triangles by Ellen Hopkins (a novel in verse)

I have Dark Dawning and need to read it to see if I want the others. Sure that Christine will thrill me enough. Also it's not often I hear about Polar Bear shifters. Usually wolves, dragons and a rare man bear.

I'm gathering gift card wins online. I'll be ready for black friday online. Happy Thanksgiving Tara!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

@ Tara - 1) No ... 2) I did for Nick Wilford's 'Overcoming Adversity' .. I started another but it wasn't very good - too many things going on. 3) Novel length ... I don't read many ... so .... 4) when I feel like it 5) trying to tie up posts through to April A-Z: seeing as they are waiting from this year when I never joined in.

6) Joylene's Matowak: Woman Who Cries Novel ... sounds exceedingly mind-twisting ...

Cheers - and thanks for recommending Christine's Totem Series ... Hilary

Christine Rains said...

Thank you so much for the shout-out! :) And I love surveys!

1. Yes. "All I Want For Christmas" (horror) and "The Ole Saint" (sci-fi horror).

2. Yes. Several anthologies. Most have been good experiences.

3. Medium novel length. But like you, if I love the story, I'll do longer!

4. All the time! Though, if I have to pick, before bed at night.

5. From Shattered Spirit (Totem #4): And with three young werewolves in their house, it frequently needed redecorating!

Have a marvelous Thanksgiving! And you already know my shopping's done. :)

LD Masterson said...

1) Have you ever written/submitted/published a holiday story? Details? - Well, not a story per se but I had a non-fiction piece published in Chicken Soup for the Soul's Christmas edition a couple years ago. I submitted another one this year but it didn't make it.

2) Have you ever been a part of/wanted to do an anthology? If so, how many? And How was your experience? - I've had some luck with anthologies. I had a short story published in Flights of Fiction the same year as the Christmas piece. I have one in the upcoming anthology Fish Out of Water. I have a non-fiction piece that's been accepted but the publication date is up in the air. And I have two stories "under consideration" for two anthologies. My experience has mostly been good.

3) What is your preferred length of a novel - to read and/or write? Shorter, Medium, or Looong? - Medium. 300-400 pages.

4) When is your favorite time to read? - At night after everyone else has gone to bed.

5) Want to share a line from something you're working on? A teaser or quote? Or even an inspirational phrase? We could use something intriguing or uplifting! - from "Of Roosters and Men"

"He stalked a few feet in my direction then turned, fluffed his feathers and hopped onto a fence post, his back to me and the flock. It tickled me. I never knew a rooster to sulk."

Bonus Question: Give us a book recommendation (not your own, cheesy!) - a gift we can give each other (and to another author!)

Timeless by Crystal Collier, Also Moonless and Souless (the first two in the series).

Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine said...

1 & 2) No.
3)I like shorter stories I can read in an afternoon.
4) anytime.
5) Their fairytale romance ended the night he went missing without a trace. She had disappeared too, but somehow, she had returned.

Christine's series is awesome and I recommend it too.

cleemckenzie said...

Reading late in the afternoon and just before bed are my favorite and usually only times during the day. If I can, I love to stay in bed on rainy days, sip some coffee and read until the house warms.

I'm in a few anthologies, and I've enjoyed the experience. I don't submit to them anymore, but that's more a lack of time than a lack of interest.

Victoria Marie Lees said...

Yikes! Christmas shopping...time, all I need is time... I've been published in the anthology, Easy to Love, But Hard to Raise, about raising special needs children. I've tried a holiday memory for Chicken Soup, but haven't had any luck--yet! I love to read all the time. But again, it's that finding the time to truly enjoy a story that's difficult. Happy Thanksgiving, Tara!

Heather R. Holden said...

Ooh, fun survey! Really love that Cradle Rock quote. So amusing! And I think it’d be really cool to see you do more holiday stories someday, since “A Super Christmas” is great!

Can’t resist answering these questions, too, sooo…

1) I wrote a Christmas story years ago, but never submitted it anywhere, since it was tied to a novel I was working on at the time.

2) Never been part of an anthology, but I definitely think it would be fun!

3) Shorter novels are definitely my favorite. (I’m willing to read all lengths if a story is good enough, though.) My own work tends to be on the short side, as well.

4) No preference, but I feel like I do most of my reading at night anymore.

5) From an upcoming strip for my webcomic: “Oh, dear. Looks like I broke him.”

Bonus: Of Blood and Sorrow by Christine Rains. Recently read this, and it’s such a great urban fantasy. (I plan to start reading Totem soon, too, once I find some of that elusive time!)

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Tara! :)

DMS said...

I have had my writing in one anthology and it was a great experience. I wrote a holiday/spooky piece (Halloween). I would love to be a part of another anthology, but I can imagine being a part of holiday themed ones does take some planning. :)

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

That's a great idea to give a friend's book as a gift. I purchased of copy of Felix Was Here, the IWSG anthology, to give as a gift.

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