Monday, January 20, 2020

Tara Tyler Talks #Goals and Remember Blog Hops?

Anyone fall of the Resolution Wagon yet?
I hope not! Keep at it all month and it SHOULD become a good habit.

I was really feeling the need for New Year's Resolutions this year. The treat train finally came to a stop, and I totally purged my pantry. Better eating is Goal #1 and my method is--if I don't buy it, I can't eat it!

Speaking of goal-setting, one of my writer friends appropriately pushes forward any goals not met the year before. As surprises, emergencies, and other life stuffs jump out at us throughout the year, our goals get shoved aside. Sometimes this is for the better. Maybe we weren't ready to publish yet, which is just one more step toward the worst part of books--the dreaded marketing... Not to mention, some unexpected experiences can add quality to our writing. No worries, we deal with what comes and adjust accordingly. So don't fret if you can't reach all your goals.

The first step toward achieving goals is to write them down (and I love lists). So here are my broad Writing goals for 2020:

  • Taking back BEAST WORLD Campaign, Phase 2 - a subtle undercut jab at Pixar for appropriating my unique setting. Would love to have you JOIN THE CAUSE!
  • Repub Cradle Rock, Simulation, and Disposal (and tweak Windy Hollow) -- 2 down, 4 to go!
  • Publish GERTRUDE - the Nerdy Princess
  • Write first draft of CONDUCTION, Pop Travel #4
  • Polish and Submit FARTHER ALONG, Christian YA
  • Connect more with writer friends by posting more often
  • Market more... ugh.
My process: chip away at this list on the weekends and go gung ho during the summer.

What are your goals for this year?? 
Let's help each other stay on track. I'll be checking in more regularly this year. Hopefully that will help!

One way to connect more... Remember Blog Hops? I was just reminiscing about how much I liked them and how I met new writer friends when we used to do them... and BLAMMO!
Patricia Josephine is having one!

Valentine's Day is ABDUCTED LIFE's birthday. To celebrate, Patricia's asking us to write a little story about being abducted by aliens... sounds like fun! I'm making the time.

Here are the deets:
  • Possible approaches: Government report. First person encounter. Stowing away on an alien spaceship. Maybe write it from the alien's POV. Go to the Outer Limits!
  • 500 words or less. 
  • Posts will go up the week of Valentine's Day.
I hope you join in! Sign ups for the blog hop
(This prompt also fit right into another contest I happened to find, so I already wrote my story--submitted to the contest too. Love when that happens. Thanks, Patricia!)

Good luck with your Goals & Keep Writing!


Patricia Josephine aka Patricia Lynne said...

Thanks for giving my blog hop a shout out. <3

Good luck with your goals for the year. I have mine set as well and am ready to rock 2020.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Fun-sounding blog hop. Unfortunately I have two big events that week and will be mostly offline.

DLP is looking for Christian fiction although more adult...

Juneta key said...

Great goals. The blog hop does sound fun. It sounds like you got a plan. Cheering you on.

Elizabeth Seckman said...

I have had the exact same goal for the last forty lose weight. I suppose since I never manage to do it, I keep pushing it forward. LOL

I signed up for the hop!

Shannon Lawrence said...

I typically roll forward any goals not reached each year. This year I've made an exception and created different types of goals to take it easy on myself. Looking forward to achieving those goals this year! Good luck with your goals.

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Tara - exactly ... if we don't buy it ... we don't eat it. I'm making an effort to eat less, drink less and exercise more ... am on the way - the mindset is better. Re goals - just to get life into order ... and be organised ... it'll happen - I hope! Take care and good luck with all your goals ... you've got lots going on - cheers Hilary

Heather R. Holden said...

So many fantastic goals! Best of luck with all of them! I'm impressed you've already managed to republish two of your books already... ^_^

Melissa said...

Good luck with your goals!

I'm finally back to writing and blogging. I hope life allows me to continue this time. I'm also getting back to my diet. I stalled for 2 months, but I got serious again about logging my food. That will keep me on track and get me losing again. I'm trying to look at it as a marathon, not a sprint. Mess-ups will happen. That mindset keeps me from blowing my resolutions.

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