Thursday, June 16, 2011

Consumer Reports says...Summer is Here

So in the July 2011 Consumer Reports issue they get a base hit with cleaning baseball stains, take second on an error and apply sunscreen, steal third with commentary on rip-off customer service and slide safe at home with some gas saving advice. Whew! What an inning! (ok, you may groan now)

Yes, I just got back from a humdinger of a little league game! We finally won! Woo hoo!

Anyway, here are the reports:

Top 5 Stain Removers:
Resolve, laundry
Shout, advanced action
Shout, triple acting
OxiClean, max force 4in1 power spray

Top Sunscreens:
SPF 30 - Banana Boat sport, Coppertone sport, CVS sport, Up & Up sport (Target brand =)
SPF 40 to 50 - No-Ad, Equate baby, Walgreens sport, Ocean Potion kids
SPF 50+ - Banana Boat sport, Aveeno, Coppertone, Neutrogena

Where's did the Customer Service Go?
Have you noticed customer service has been going down the toilet somewhat lacking? Here are results from the "Gripe-O-Meter" survey Consumer Reports took on America's top customer service gripes in stores and on the phone:
  1. Can't get a human on the phone (ME! I hate that one the most too! I especially hate having to TALK to the computer! I just keep saying "operator" til I get one)
  2. Salesperson is rude (or can't speak ENGLISH!)
  3. Many phone steps needed
  4. Long wait on hold
  5. Unhelpful solution
  6. Salesperson is too pushy (I don't mind hanging up on them, I don't have time to be nice sometimes)
  7. Extras are pitched
  8. No apology for unsolved problem
  9. Can't find store salesperson
  10. Boring hold music or messages (really? this is a complaint?)
  11. Wait at counter or checkout (I deal with it, especially since I might be holding up the line. I buy a ton of groceries...)
  12. Wait for scheduled repair (plan on it then be pleasantly surprised if they get done early)
Summer vacations may mean some driving...
Best Ways to Save Gas:
  • map it out before you leave
  • keep tires properly inflated, it really does save gas
  • don't put off that oil change or tune up, get it done before a long trip
  • if you'll be renting, get a car with good gas mileage
  • keep your eye on gas prices driving around town
  • on the highway, every 10mph faster you cruise = 5mpg you lose (like that one? ha ha)
  • try not to take off fast or brake suddenly, smooth & steady
  • lower wind resistance, a top of car carrier will lower mpg's
  • don't waste your money on premium gas unless your car specifically calls for it (most don't)
  • gas-saving gadgets are gimmicks, EPA also attests to this
Do you have any gripes or advice to share?

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