Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy T day!

I've been spreading that message in my comments...

Happy Turkey Day!
Don't stuff yourself!
Count your blessings!

he's happy dancing because he made it through today!

Hope you all have a safe & wonderful holiday!

PAD #24 - gathering

Talking Turkey

“We call this secret meeting
As time is by us fleeting

“The hour’s drawing near
We need a volunteer

“Who will be the bravest
To sacrifice and save us?

“We can’t leave this to chance!”
“Why can’t we make a stance?!”

A voice came from the crowd
“Who said that? Speak out loud!”

The masses split in two
To show Bartholomew

“If we all stick together
He won’t grab a feather!

“Let him choose a pig this year
Then we can do a jig and cheer!”

Ooos and ahhhs, a “Sure! Why not!”
“Let the pig go in the pot!”

Unanimous the turkeys gobbled
Then in their midst the farmer hobbled.

Tho they had such high ambitions
The turkeys scattered, forgot their mission

Big fat Tom had met his end
The rest bowed heads for their dear friend.

Maybe next year…


Dana said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tara! Hope you have a blessed and wonderful holiday with family and friends. :)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Tara!

julie fedderson said...

Have a wonderful (dancing) Turkey day!

Rhonda said...

Fun poem. Poor Tom :)
Happy Thannksgiving

Tara Tyler said...

hope you all had a great turkey day!

Anonymous said...

how witty and creative, Tara! loved it. i always enjoyed reading rhymes. i found it hard to do, so always appreciated one when i see it. a great writing. thank you for stopping by to my blog earlier too. ~Olive Tree.

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