Monday, November 7, 2011

Kick start Monday - My month!

Stole this from Heather, who got it fom facebook which I am avoiding because it's infected and lost its appeal for me. But, I love the toon!

It's my month! I get to celebrate another year of life =) So...

Let's have a slumber party!
(virtual bloggy style)
Come back on or near my bday (11/20) and tell me your best Slumber Party Story - real or fictional and I'll tell you mine and we'll all have a good giggle!

November is the 2nd busiest month of the year. (October was 3rd) And I'll tell you why...
  • this month we are taking our vacation to Disney
  • then we are going to visit relatives for Thanksgiving - one thing I'm thankful for is other relatives willing to host and make the huge meal who are fabulous cooks and hosts.
  • there is also my bday (NOVEMBER 20 =)
  • and I still have to make my kids finish their gift lists (which should have been done last month) and start shopping myself (one gift bought so far)
  • December is #1 with the holidays and parties and basketball games and decorations and xmas cards and wrapping and on and on...
I'm getting a headache just thinking about it all!

I have to mention that I won a cute wristband from Susan Kaye Quinn to kickoff her book, OPEN MINDS. Here is Mary's post where I left my winning comment. Woot!

And here is my poem for PAD #7, What won't wait. (I dropped #6 at Poetic Asides and #5 below, got honorable mention in Janet Reid's contest, yay!)

No time to say Hello, Good-
Always in a hurry
Rush, rush, rush
Speed up gait
Let em wait
I know I’m late.
Alarm set earlier
Then I hit the snooze
Almost break it
I can make it
Or I’ll fake it
Time doesn’t care
Leaves me in the dust
Use it wise


julie fedderson said...

Happy birthday month to you! Love the poem, really sums up this time of year.

Cassie Mae said...

Oh, I love slumber parties! So excited!

Melanie Fowler said...

I think this comic is just brillant! It's november and it's thanksgiving... although, I do get my christmas shopping done this month so I can relax next month.

Angela Cothran said...

LOL! Santa is kind of pushy, especially at Costco--he is everywhere.

Abby Fowers said...

I posted that pic on FB too! LOL. It cracked me up - I just had to share. So funny. And cool bracelet that you won. Way cute.

Mina Burrows said...

I used to celebrate my birthday week, but now I'm like'n bday month a whole lot better. Great idea. And slumber parties to boot...I have a great story too. :)

Anonymous said...

Your creativity with words just keeps on coming. Loved that one!

by the way, my talk went good.

Nicki Elson said...

Ah, very TIMEly poems. ;)

When do you go on your trip? When, when, when? My past trips to Disney World have been in November, and after doing one in October...I much prefer November. Weather's more comfortable, and it doesn't seem as crowded. So HAVE FUN!

P.S. M.Pax's post at my place today was somewhat misleading - it was actually a different Nikki she knew back in NYC in the 80s. Sure would've been fun though. :)

Jenny S. Morris said...

Happy birthday month! Nice poem. I will have to think of a slumber party or maybe I'll make one up.

Angela Brown said...

I'm feeling the turkey. I've seen Christmas doo-dads, decorations and everything at so many stores.

I love that poem. It sounds familir for some reason. Ooohh...yeah, my life.

Love the wrist bands!

E. Arroyo said...

LOL. Great comic. And great month!

Amberr Meadows said...

Hey, cool! My husband has the same birthday as you. I hope you have the happiest one. ;-)

Heather M. Gardner said...

Good job all around! I hope you have a great vacation and a very happy birthday!

I have to go get my Pa-jam-as!


Peggy Eddleman said...

Fabulous poem! I love it! Congrats on the honorable mention. And best of luck with this month! And then next!

Tara Tyler said...

Julie, thanks. yeah, the prompts hav been that way!

Cassie, me too

Mel, i know =) happens every year!

Angie, hes been around a loooong time!

Abby, thanks. just hope no copyright laws were broken =)

Mina, great! i look forward to it!

Mom, good for you, glad to hear it

Nicki, Nov 16th =) yeah! and i think we all have those histories =)

Jenny, thanks and have fun w/it!

Angela, youcrack me up!

Elizabeth, thank you!

Amberr, that is cool =) and i should, i'll be at the happiest place!

Heather, bed time? or shopping? either way, get cozy!

Peggy, thanks, fellow nanorev-ateer

Rhonda said...

Yay! We are both nov. babies. Hope you have as much fun on yours as I did on mine :) I love this and posted it out on FB even though it's lost appeal for you :)

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