Thursday, March 8, 2012


Auntie Tara's Short Story Prompt - Writers for Animals


This cage is no fun. I want to run, run, run! So much barking, I can’t understand a word. The other dogs scare me. I wonder what happened to my brothers and sisters. One day we are playing and nipping, the next I’m in this cage. And humans keep looking at me. I don’t like it one bit. Whimper.

A human pulls me out and puts me on the floor. Good, I have to go.

“No! Oh, well. He’s just a pup.”

“He’s so cute! Do you have a name for him?”

“Yes. I picked his name when I decided I would get a black lab puppy as soon as I could move into a house with a yard. It's Cody. Here, Cody!”

She seems friendly. I’ll go sniff her.

“See? He knows his name already! Don’t you, boy!”

“His paws are huge. He's going to be a big dog. And he has a tear on his ear. Are you sure about this?”

My brother did that. But I got him back.

“He’s perfect. Let’s go home, Cody.”


I like my home. Now that I’m two years old my human lets me do more. I’m a good dog. She tells me all the time. She’s so nice. She gives me lots of treats for doing the silly tricks she taught me, especially for pooping outside. I didn't know that was a trick. Humans are so easy to please! And I can make them laugh just by carrying all my toys around in my mouth. Humans are weird.

Life is good. Me and my human do all sorts of fun things together. I love to ride in the car. We go hiking, to parks, and visit friends. I never know where we’ll end up, but there’s always new scents to discover and new dogs and humans to check out. She lets me roam the huge backyard too. It has a creek and is full of tall trees with so many interesting smells. I haven't caught a rabbit yet, but I will!

I think my favorite thing to do is get a bath. That’s right, I said bath. I love water! I have my own little pool to splash in and afterwards I get to attack the water from the hose. It’s tricky! I chomp it and chase it and bark at it. I could play with it all day. Then my human gets out the towel to dry me. More fun and games. Hide and seek and tug o war. And I love that rrrrrip sound!

Yeah, life is good.


My human has a mate now. He’s fun, too. He plays rougher than my girl human. He's great at fetch and wrestling. We all have more adventures and more car rides. Longer drives to visit more humans. And we have moved homes a couple of times. It’s hard to mark all the new territory, but exploring it is fun. As long as they take me and my food with them, I don’t mind.


I’m six to my human and really liking this new home. There’s a cute girl next door named Cali and lots of free space to run around.

My humans also got a tiny new human pup. I have to be quieter, which is hard, especially with so many visitors ringing the doorbell. Woof! But I'm easy. The pup is cute. And it’s special to my human, so I care for it and watch over it. We are a family.


We moved again and got another baby. That’s what they call it. I miss my friend Cali, but I have a new friend Cyrus. He’s smaller and not as friendly, but he’s okay.

I like the colder weather here. Lots of lickable white stuff. And the yard is a good size, even though it’s fenced. The older human pup likes to play chase with me. I go slow because he is still wobbly. And making him laugh makes me happy. I love my family.


We moved again. I hope we don’t anymore. I’m tired of figuring out the rules of new places. There’s no fence here, but lots of houses. I'm not allowed to roam here. The humans keep me chained up when I go outside, even though I wouldn’t go very far.  Some of the other human pups are afraid of me, too. Imagine that. I wouldn’t hurt a human. Especially a pup.

And my humans had another baby. They should have just had a litter to begin with. I said humans are weird.

I don’t get much attention anymore. The human pups require a lot of supervision. They all play with me when they can and we still have our bath time. But mostly I like to just lie with my humans more now anyway. I know they love me.


A couple more years have passed. I’m really feeling my dog years. I’m so tired. My food doesn’t go down like it used to. And I’ve been to the V-E-T more lately.

My human cares for me and does her best to make me comfortable. I’ve had a wonderful life. Couldn’t ask for more.

Don't be sad, human. It’s okay to let go.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I had a dog just like him growing up. Hated it when she passed.

Angela Cothran said...

We just got a new dog. This helped me get in his head :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful doggie. I love pups. I want one so badly! They are the greatest companions! Loved the narrative!

P.S. I tagged you in a meme!

Anonymous said...

You had to go and make me cry. I know how much Cody meant to you.

Christine Rains said...

Great story! I laughed. Humans really are weird. Animals help us see those simple joys.

Huntress said...

oh, man...
Two years ago this month, I took my 16 yr old dog to the vet for the last time.

Well, crap. Hard to see the keyboard now.

Heather M. Gardner said...

You made me cry. That wasn't nice at all.
Beautiful story, Tara.
Have to go, still crying.

Tara Tyler said...

made myself laugh and cry too. loved that sweet puppy!
thanks, guys!

Angie, great arent they!
Ashley, you should totally get one!

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