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TT talks with...Christine!

paranormal romance writer!
Christine Rains knows how to be cool, even without A/C! In the space of 30 days, she wrote a completely thrilling story! And only a few months later, she is publishing it. Now that's cool!

And to wrap up her quick blog tour week, here are a few tidbits about the fabulous Christine!

Thank you so much for this! People have been so generous in helping me promote FEARLESS.

No problem, Christine! Happy to do it! At press time you finally have A/C. I would die without it! Seriously dead, or move into the grocery store. How long had you been living without it? And what did you do to keep cool?

It was four weeks. Some days, I thought I'd boil to death. We took cold showers and spent time in the pool out back. My son and I spent several days a week at the library. I'd live there if they'd let me!

I live in the right time, with modern conveniences - would never have survived on the Frontier! 
If you could live any time besides the present, when would it be and why?

I'd like to see what's in the future. Maybe 50 or 100 years from now. We've made such strides in science and technology in the last 100 years. I bet we'll be completely surprised what life is like in the not so far future. It would also be nice to see what my son and my descendents are like.

That's a great idea - I'd like to see my descendants too (and possibly a real dystopian society? colonies on the moon? way way in the future! love sci fi!) You have a sweet, glasses wearing, book reading family! Could you tell us about each of your fave books?

Aw, thank you! My favorite series is the Harry Potter series. I wonder if they have magical air-conditioning! My husband loves the Harry Dresden series by Jim Butcher. And my son's favorite book at the moment is "Maybe A Bear Ate It."

Harry Potter, of course! I've heard of that series by Jim Butcher, need to check them out! And your son's book sounds fun!
So, what was your inspiration for Tawa? and FEARLESS? Did you outline it? Or did you pants your way through A to Z?

Oh yeah, I totally pantsed my way through the A to Z Challenge! I had no idea where the story was going until I got there. It was so much fun! No outlining whatsoever. My idea for FEARLESS came from wondering about childhood monsters. My son isn't frightened of anything at the moment, a little too young to maybe understand it, but what about when he's older? What if the monster under his bed was real and I didn't believe him? Who would protect him? That's where Abby comes in. She protects the children when no one else believes them. Of course, Abby needed a teacher and a guide. I thought about what children believe protects them from monsters, and what I believed as a child too. Our beloved stuffed animals protect and comfort us. Tawa's personality came first and it didn't fit a teddy bear. She was much bigger! My son inspired me to make Tawa a hippo with his love of the "Hungry, Hungry Hippo" game. (Not the one with the marbles, but just me pretending to eat stuff!) Tawa's name is a short version of Taweret, the Egyptian goddess who protected pregnant women and young children. Though, as a hippo, Taweret was much more fearsome than Tawa!

You are amazing! Can't believe you went in blind! Outstanding! And a hippo is perfect!
And here's a last random question, what is your favorite article of clothing?

My favorite thing in my closet is my "I <3 My Geek" t-shirt. My husband gave it to me for Christmas four years ago. (see above pic!)

Thank you again. You're so sweet for offering to do this!
Of course! Very happy to have you! So glad you stopped by! 

And here is the blurb and how you can get FEARLESS by Christine Rains:

Abby White was seven years old when she killed the monster under her bed. Now she slays creatures spawned by the fertile imaginations of children, and the number of these nightmares are on the rise. Neither she nor her guide - a stuffed hippo named Tawa - know why.
When she rescues Demetrius from an iron prison, he pledges his life to protect hers until he can return the favor. She doesn't want the help. And how can she concentrate on her job when the gorgeous wild fae throws himself in front of her during every fight? No matter how tempting, she can't take the time to lose herself to him.

To save the children and all she loves, Abby must be truly Fearless.
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Have a great weekend, everyone!


Kyra Lennon said...

Great interview! It's been fun to see Christine at other blogs this week! :D

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I have no idea how people survived the frontier either. (No wonder they kept going west.)
Great interview! Christine's story during the Challenge was the best.

Dana said...

Great interview! Loved reading Christine's story during the challenge, and it was fun to read about how she went about writing it. :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

WOW! 4 weeks and no A/C. I'm impressed.
Congrats, Christine!

mshatch said...

I can't imagine writing a whole story in 4 weeks. Congrats to Christine!

Misha Gerrick said...

Wow the concept behind Fearless sounds awesome!

I honestly can't say if I would have been able to survive the frontier. Definitely can survive without electricity.

BUT I'm not an outdoorsy type of person, so GETTING to the frontier would have been a pain. ;-)

Christine Rains said...

Thank you again for having me, Tara! Love how you spooked up my photo! :)

Kyra, Dana, & Alex, thank you both. You guys have been incredibly supportive!

Jennifer & mshatch, it was terrible. I hope never to have to be without AC again! Thank you!

Misha, I like to camp but in cooler weather. I never would have gone this summer! Thanks!

E. Arroyo said...

Yay...Congrats. And I love HP too.

Christine Rains said...

Elizabeth, thanks! :)

Emily R. King said...

I really like the premise of Christine's book. I know it will be a page turner!

Thanks for the interview ladies!

Lynn Proctor said...

great interview, i love her!!

Christine Rains said...

Emily & Lynn, thank you! :)

Lisa Regan said...

Wow, the book sounds amazing! What an original idea for a premise. Great interview!

Christine Rains said...

Lisa, thank you very much!

Sherry Ellis said...

I love Tawa! What a great idea for a character!

M Pax said...

Ooo, the fabulousness of Christine and Tara together.

Great interview. My husband loves the Harry Dresden series too. I should read them.

Golden Eagle said...

Awesome interview!

It was great to read about your inspiration for the book. And I agree, it would be fascinating to find out what the world looks like in the future!

Christine Rains said...

Sherry, I need to start a Tawa fan club! *LOL*

Mary, the Dresden books are really good. I love the quirkiness to them.

TGE, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great interview... love your geek shirt Christine:)

Tara Tyler said...

way to go christine! wishing you much success with Fearless and more!

thanks to all you guys for supporting her!

VikLit said...

What a great interview!

Gwen Gardner said...

I'm in the middle of Fearless now. Such a clever idea to fight the monsters under the bed! Wish I'd thought of it.

Also, thank you so much Tara, for all your support to me and Angela. We love our banners/badge you made. You are so seriously talented!

Christine Rains said...

Tania, thanks! Of course my hubby bought it for me! *LOL*

Tara, thanks so much again!

Viklit, thank you!

Gwen, thanks!

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