Monday, October 3, 2011

Kick start October Monday

Tis the season for fun, spooky, supportive blogging!

Check out what is going on in Blogutopia this month (I will find a way to make that word sound good!):

Meets 1st Wed of MonthFirst, the all important Insecure Writer's Support Group, hosted by Alex J Cavannaugh, is Wednesday (10/5!) I can't believe it's been a month already! I have so many insecurities to choose from...

Next is another encouraging event. On 10/14 Matthew at QQQE is hosting the Pay it Forward blogfest with over 100 participants! You choose 3 bloggers to advertise and go visit.

Then the week of 10/17 I host my first week of critiques at Unicorn Bell on the topic of (*yawns or oscitates*) Lulls in the Story. Come one, come all and see if I make a fool of myself! It'll be fun!

And to wrap it up, I'm glad I found the Killer Characters Blogfest (bwahaha), hosted by E. R. King 10/24-28. What's Halloween month without thrills and chills? Though this fest is for killer as in killer/awesome characters, so good you wish you could capture them in your own WIP.

Not to mention Rachael's 3rd and final campaign flash fiction challenge. Some people are still working on the 2nd challenge...and I'm still reading =)

But, just to make things more interesting, I may put up a challenge for a 100 word Haunted Drabble on the big day =) THINK ABOUT IT! *cues lightening flash and thunder crack*

And finally, for those keeping track, my boys went 2 for 3 this weekend. We were bound to lose some time and it was a tough loss in double OT, but we are still happy! And Youngest Son made his first TD!!! WOO HOO!! Whassup with you? I know there's more but this is my limit =)


Jennie Bennett said...

Thanks for posting these. I hadn't heard of the second one, so I might check it out :)

Angela Cothran said...

Great reminders and I love the new layout. Spooky :)

Dana said...

Thanks for all the info! I hadn't heard of most of these and love the idea of the Insecure Writer's Support Group.

Congrats to your boys--especially your youngest! Way to go!

Renee Silvana said...

Thanks for posting these! I've been looking for a good blogfest to join!

julie fedderson said...

Yay! It's going to be a great October--some super blogfesting here. Congrats to your son on the TD--that has to fill a kid up with pride so much!

Emily R. King said...

Thanks for the shout out about the blogfest! I'm so excited.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Thanks for mentioning the blogfest and support group. And congratulations to your son on that touchdown! said...

Thanks for the blogfest update, they all sound great fun. My brain is much less foggy since the weekend. I've added Vit B complex and Vit D to my daily regime which I believe has helped my brain cells.

Sylvia said...

Lots of goings on for bloggers. I missed out on Rachael's second flash challenge, and it looked so much fun as well. Here's hoping to take part in the third. :)

Angela Brown said... much going on! Thanks for the reminders.

Amy said...

Thank you for posting about the Blogfest - it's my kind of fun! :)

Nicki Elson said...

Yay, boyz!!!

I hope you do the haunted drabble! I definitely want in on some kind of blogfest for Halloween, and that one sounds like fun.

Thanks for this summary of all our marvelous options in blogland this month. :)

Anonymous said...

So, do you still have a voice left after cheering for Coop? Wish I could have seen that T D. I knew he had it in him.
Love your blog back ground. You are always creative.

Maeve Frazier said...

Thanks for the posting. I'll have to check them out.

btw - Loving the new background for October, for your blog!

Sheri L. Swift, Author said...

Thanks for the info! Bring on the fall! ; )

Heather M. Gardner said...

Wow! Nice job to the boys! Winning is always secondary to a good time!

Thanks for all the important info. I'm glad I stopped in!

Nice look too. Spooky.

Abby Fowers said...

I am loving the haunted look to the blog! I love Halloween- LOVE IT! This is so fun. I just finished putting up all of our decorations. Now I need to go check out all these fun things you've found. I only knew about the Killer Characters. The others sound great. So glad you shared, and I'm excited for the "unicorn" thing!

Tara Tyler said...

JA - Alex helped Michael with it just last week or so =)

Angie - i like spooky! but not horror.

Dana - thx! blogfests get you noticed =)

Renee - its a great way to make more friends!

Julie - thank, h's full of something =)

ER - me too!

Alex - the more the merrier =)

Madeline - i hav to try that!

Allie - it was a tough one! i'm curious for the 3rd!

Angela - crazy october!

Amy - i noticed you like the fests =)

Nicki - with your seconding the motion, i will do it!

Mom - and where do i get it from, hmm? =)

Maeve - aint fall grand!

Sheri - thx & ditto!

Heather - TY, i was going for spooky =)

Abby - yay! i'm doing the house today. boo!

Anonymous said...

I signed up for the Pay It Forward Blogfest! Love that one.

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