Monday, October 1, 2012

GUTGAA SPP #13 - Driven

GENRE - Mainstream/Commercial
WORD COUNT: 85,000


One strobe light could trigger a seizure and end Jimmy Rickliefs’ career.

In the wake of a near-fatal accident, Jimmy’s shattered body is not able to keep up with his career as a drummer. When the band starts writing their new record, Jimmy isn’t sure he wants to go back. The thought of getting back on stage, knowing a seizure can strike, doesn’t help his lack of confidence. The fans won’t accept a broken drummer.

Jimmy takes comfort from his pregnant wife’s survival. But when the baby is born twelve weeks early, his priorities rearrange themselves; his daughter is as broken as her dad. Now he’s at a crossroads, and his path isn’t clear. He knows that being a rock star again will bring in good money. Without marketable skills, he can’t get another job. He won’t be providing for his family and that’s something he can’t abide. Faced with a quandary between what’s right and what’s safe, Jimmy has to weigh his options and choose between stardom and money or family and normalcy.

Driven is commercial fiction, complete at 85,000 words. Thank you for your time and consideration.


“Ouch.” Closure drummer Jimmy Rickliefs, dropped one drumstick and shook his hand. His turquoise hair drooped in his eyes a bit as the guys laughed at him. “What? That fucking hurt!”

Anthony Greggs, Jimmy’s best friend and the lead guitarist, shook his head, still laughing. “Only you could manage to smash your finger on the hi hat, Jimmy. Only you.”

Jimmy flipped him off, as he retrieved his stick from the floor. “Fuck you.”

“Don’t swing that way, buddy. I’m sure my wife would object.”

Aldon Smith shook his head, flipping his microphone in his hand. “You know, if we don’t finish this demo today, we’re going to have to deal with Edward’s wrath. He wants one song to show the label, and we’ve got squat so far.”

There was a sigh, which caused the singer to laugh. Finally, Micheal Downs, their rhythm guitarist, sat up a little on the couch.


Slave to the Muse said...

I like this, it's unusual. The query is tight and well done. I'll be voting later so check back! Great work!

JohnO said...

Let's hear it for the drummer! I like the idea of books about bands. There are a ton of YA books about them, but not enough (in my opinion) for adults. Good luck!

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