Wednesday, October 21, 2020

#ShortStory - The Day Dave Broke the Internet - 14


Dave didn't know he was lonely until his friends pointed it out. But when he gives in and tries an online dating site, something catastrophic happens - talk about a bad omen.

The Day Dave Broke the Internet
by Tara Tyler

Taking in the new information, Dave cogitated over it. His strength was utilizing what was available to come up with solutions. And he wanted to show Sharon he wasn't useless. He wondered if those who planned the shutdown thought any farther than that. If they did, Dave and his friends would have to be on guard for organized terrorist activities as well as looters. He suddenly felt defenseless. He needed to find a gun of his own and practice with it. Plus, a safe place to plan a strategy. This was all so crazy!


While he helped Sharon get Nathan to his feet, Dave voiced his concerns.

"If Tariq and his brother's reactions are any indication, staying in the city is not the safest place. And the major transformers will be hard to replace, keeping us in the dark for a long time."

Nathan nodded. "Presley said those monsters take months to build. Probably longer without electricity. Then they have to find a way to jump start them. It could be a few years before power is back up to normal levels."

Sharon frowned. "People aren't going to wait years. They need to know what they can do in the meantime. All the basic necessities will be used up quickly. Fresh water will be limited to natural sources. Recovery and survival will be difficult and slow."

"Maybe that's where we can help. Nathan, does Presley have any government connections?"

"Yes, but I doubt he'd want to help them."


"They shot him down every time he presented the possibility of this scenario. Now he's probably thinking, I told you so and waiting for them to come crawling to him."

Sharon tilted her head. "Maybe we should come up with our own plan. Something in the middle of the extremes to help everyone?"

Dave's heart warmed at her logic and how closely their minds were in sync.

"Exactly. I have a few ideas, but we need to get some place safe. Some cars work and some don't, so those that do will be a coveted commodity."

Sharon perked up. "My aunt has a farm in Kentucky. That's where my shelter is."

Nathan did some calculating in his head.

"Most of Kentucky should be out of range of the shutdowns."

Dave smiled at Sharon. "Perfect."

As they gathered Nathan's things and headed to the car, Nathan groaned.

Sharon checked his wound. "Are you all right?"

He frowned. "Yeah. But we should go pick up Kitty. She's not going to like this." He nodded toward his wound.

Dave grinned. "At least you're alive. She'll be ecstatic."

They sped away from town to Nathan's house in the suburbs. When they pulled onto his street, Nathan's wife, a petite blonde, was addressing a large group of people using a bullhorn on her porch.

Nathan pulled over and ran out.

"Kitty, what are you doing? You're supposed to be in the basement."

She shoved the bullhorn under her arm.

"These people need our help. I was sharing the list with them."

Nathan took her elbow and guided her into the house. Dave and Sharon followed. 

"That's all well and good, but we need to think of ourselves and the baby first."

"Nathan!" She whipped her head around. "Dave, did he tell you? And you? Sharon, right? From the meetings?"

"Yes. Nice to meet you. And congratulations."

Nathan found a cloth grocery bag and filled it with food from the fridge.

"Sorry honey. They wormed it out of me."

Kitty rolled her eyes and leaned against the counter.

"Well, I couldn't just sit in that basement with everyone wondering what the heck was going on." When she saw him tearing through the cabinets, she furrowed her brow. "What the heck is going on?"

Then she saw his injury and pointed at it. "What happened to your arm?"

"Oh, that? It's nothing. He barely grazed me."

"You were shot? Oh my God!"

"I'm fine. I promise. Sharon fixed me up."

Kitty covered her mouth. Her eyes grew as big as light bulbs as she stared at her husband, frozen in shock.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I'm coming in the middle of this, but shutdowns sound like our current crisis.
Hiding in Kentucky - nice!

Patricia Josephine aka Patricia Lynne said...

Poor Kitty.

Nas said...

Aww...its everywhere. We certainly didn't expect this to be our 2020.

Romance Reader said...

Sorry for this.

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