Friday, August 5, 2011

Boys are like Puppies

Clogyrnach, an Awdl. That is the poetry form this week, courtesy C.R. Ward. It is ancient Welsh. So that's where they get all those Word Verification words!

Hush little puppies, please be good.
Stop your wrestling, wish you would
Get along for now.
It's easy. Here's how:
Bow wow wow.

And if you know any little boys, you know they come up with crazy names for the things they do to each other (like an "indian burn," when we were kids). Ask them about "five star" and "corn dog."


Unknown said...

I'm too afraid to ask, I don't want to know the answer!


Anonymous said...

Love that picture!

John Teal said...

Kids are like puppies or kittens when it comes to eating too!!

I have one that will child that eats like a kitten (when its hungry) and 2 that eat like puppies (until they are sick if allowed !)

RJR Daydreamer

julie fedderson said...

I have two little boys who wrestle constantly. The day is not complete unless I've said "someone's going to get hurt" at least twenty times. They are totally like puppies, I swear.

John Teal said...

You have an award call and collect

Tara Tyler said...

Nina, I didn't want to put "credit card" that's the one you don't want to ask about...

Thanks, mom - they're hilarious (to the point of obnoxious)

RJR - that sounds right, and thanks! i enjoy following =)

Julie - sounds like my house!

Rhonda @Laugh Quotes said...

Fun photo and poem. I don't know the expressions and no little boys here.

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