Tuesday, December 20, 2011

10th Quotes of Christmas

Been to any good Christmas parties this year? Any memorable moments? I like to dress up fancy for most parties. I love all the themed parties, like decorate the tree/bring an ornament, cookie decorating, cookie exchange, and my favorite - the white elephant. We went to one this year and one gift was a live fish in a bowl! Hilarious! And people stole it! Some friends posted pictures of an ugly Christmas sweater party! Anyone been to an office party lately? Many places did away with those to cut back on expense. Bummer! I love gatherings =) And Christmas parties are particularly nice!

"Parties are delicious concoctions of flavorful personalities."


Christine Rains said...

We went to our friend holiday party. Lots of cookies, cake and brisket was eaten. Toddlers danced. Everyone had fun. I'd love to go to an ugly sweater party, or a re-gift party. (A party where you wrap up horrible gifts you've been been and everyone randomly picks one!)

C R Ward said...

I haven't been to a Christmas party in a few years now, but my favourite was always one where you could dress up.

An ugly sweater party sounds like it could be a real hoot! :-)

Anonymous said...

Went to my ladies work shop party and the gift I ended up with, after playing a game, was a book called, A Senior Moment is Just a Wrinkle in Time. I said, who's the wise guy?

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

The office Christmas party was at my boss's house. Judging from the alcohol lining the counters, it went on into the wee hours of the night.

Anonymous said...

I miss the office parties that I used to go to. Always good for a few laughs. Now my Christmas parties are very low-key, just family and friends.

Merry Christmas, Tara!

Cat Lavoie said...

My office Christmas party is tomorrow. It's always a good time and not much work gets done during the day! ;) Have a great Christmas! All the best to you and yours!

Tara Tyler said...

Christine - I like that re-gift party idea!

CR - I love dressing up too. I'd be itchy at an ugly sweater party!

Mom - we ended up with a book too "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" hmmm

Alex - how long did you last?

Liz - sometimes simpler is better, but a big one once in a while is fun too

Cat - hope you have a great time! And merry christmas to you too!

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