Monday, December 12, 2011

6th Quotes of Christmas

"Happiness is watching your kids get along."

One of our holiday traditions that the kids still look forward to is trimming the tree. They joke and tease but are happy together. There is actual joy! And I don't have to do it all by myself. We play "John Denver & the Muppets" Christmas songs and rock around the tree =) Poor youngest guy still doesn't have the "hang" of it and broke a couple more ornaments this year, but it's part of the experience. No tears, it's replaceable. These moments aren't. That's why...

"A Christmas tree lights up my heart."

And I want to do a quick tree survey.
  1. How many xmas trees do you have in your house? (I have lots, but I would say 3 that need to be assembled)
  2. real or fake? (fake, and pre-lit! woot!)
  3. star or angel? or other topper? (star)
  4. white lights or multi-colored? (white, pre-lit, someday we will try a real one again)
  5. garland? (sometimes...)
  6. icicles? (remember tinsel? we don't use, too messy!)
  7. do you have a favorite/special ornament? (my favorites are a set of clear balls with red glitter polka dots - no reason, just simple and cute)
And one last thing, since it is kick start monday, here's this week's happenings. I've seen more fests popping up all over, but I can't handle any more!
tis the season!

  • And this is my week at Unicorn Bell where I talk about Scene Setting.

Only 12 shopping days to go =) Get those reindeer in gear!


Unknown said...

I love the first quote. I don't get to see that too often in this house. :(

1. none right now. We still have to buy one.
2. Usually real, but my husband is hinting he wants to get fake. :(
3. Star
4. Um, I don't remember.
5. Not really.
6. Nope
7. We have a few.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Fake, pre-lit trees are the best. And tinsel gets into everything - we just use garland.

Anonymous said...

I adore that first quote!

Trimming the tree and walking around the neighborhood to look at everyone's lights are probably my two fave things about Christmas. I love pulling out the ornaments. So many memories with each of them. :-)

E. Arroyo said...

I have one tree.

fake and prelit.


white lights

Yes, garland.

No icicles? (

I have a special angel with my oldest son date of birth info, one of my seconds picture I kinda neglected the other two. =)

And I love your quote. So true.

Angela Cothran said...

When my kids get along I feel like all is right with the world :)

Three trees--two colored, one pre-lit white.

Melanie Fowler said...

I think that setting up the christmas tree is the most memorable thing I did as a child.

Love it!

mshatch said...

one tree (which I hope to get this week), real, topped by a bright red cardinal with flowing tail feathers, white and colored lights, no garland or tinsel (cats = NO TINSEL), and I love all my ornaments :)

I think the tree is my favorite part of Christmas. It's so pretty :)

Kids getting along is pretty good, too!

Anonymous said...

When I was little my sisters used to put angel hair on the tree. I think it's a health hazard now, ha.

Favorite ornaments are from my 2 daughters.

Leigh Covington said...

Oh my gosh! We are so on the same page right now! I love your quotes! LOVE!
1. I have 1 tree.
2. Fake & pre-lit!
4. White lights
5. no garland this year.
6. no icicles.
7. I love my huge massive bells and then these totally blingy, gold balls.

Angela Brown said...

1. Just one tree in our home.
2. It's my first real tree. Not something I've done before and kind of liking it.
3.I bought a beautiful angel
4. No lights. Didn't want to chance cathing fire in case I get a little behind on keeping up with watering the tree.
5. A little garland. I've been used to having a bunch to help mask the holes in the fake tree but not needed this year
6. Yep, they are a mess but I love them. So did my daughter
7. We made 4 ornaments ourselves this year so those are my favorite by far.

C R Ward said...

1. One tree
2. Fake (I never had a fake tree until I got married)
3. Angel - it's a paper ribbon doll angel that my daughter and I made one year.
4. Multicoloured lights!
5. Sometimes I use garland
6. We have 4 cats, so no icicles.
7. I love all my ornaments!

As soon as my daughter was old enough to do crafts, we started a tradition of making a new Christmas ornament every year. My entire tree is decorated with hand made ornaments.

Tara Tyler said...

Stina - the best is also few and far between, right?

Alex - right!

Liz - I love looking at everyone's lights too

Elizabeth - we have birth ornaments too - before our 3rd came along we also had a set of 4 cute reindeer ornaments and he asks every year, where's mine?

Angie - peace on earth =)

Mel - I remember the tinsel!

Marcy - we need a new tree, they are so expensive tho!

Mom - Angel hair! I forgot that one!

Abby - we think a lot alike! I love the huge ornaments for the outdoor trees, too =)

Angela - leave yourself a "water the tree" note =) real are great, we will prob do one next year with kids & dog older!

Carol - homemade is best! I decorate my cabinets w/the boys' xmas crafts =)

Alana said...

Happiness *is* watching your kids get along. Couldn't have said it better myself!

As for the survey -
1. 1
2. real, but probably at risk of death. california heat wave in the 80s the days before we bought the tree was not nice to evergreens ...
3. very small frame with a sepia-toned pic of my husband and i on a hike pre-kids
4. white lights
5. nope
6. nope
7. very tough question. we always got unique ornaments from grandparents and aunts/uncles growing up so they migrated to adulthood with me. they all have such special meaning. i do have some very small wooden mouse figures that ride on see saws and drive trains and swing that i really adore, but they sit under the tree and get played with very carefully by little hands. make me remember christmas eves at my granparents' and i always smile. :)

Dana said...

1. We have three trees: the big family one in the living room and two itty bitty ones that are currently sitting on the kitchen table, waiting for the kids to decorate them.

2. They're all real.

3. We usually use a star, but this year I might try talking the kids into using the angel my late grandma made.

4. We use multicolored lights.

5. I love garland and hope to use it next year.

6. Nope--too messy!

7. Not really, although I love my childhood ones and the ones the kids have made.

Hamza said...

wow thats great quotes i loved it.
Christmas Celebration

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