Thursday, April 23, 2015

Take Two...or Three

For A to Z 2015 I'm


I'll be highlighting Blogger Friends' Places
I'll be giving Book Event Tips

TODAY I'm TALKING about some TERRIFIC Bloggers!

TYREAN MARTINSON - TIMELESS and TRUE, this girl can TELL a great TALE!

TAMMY THERIAULT - I can't pronounce her last name, but THAT'S ok - I love her THRILLING, TWISTED interviews and TORRID sense of humor. She has perfect TIMING!

TRISHA - TENACIOUS writer from down under, TRISHA TAUNTS us with her wit and many versatile TALENTS!

TONJA DRECKER - Reviewer of TONS and writer TOO of childrens books, she gives us TANTALIZING TIDBITS in her blog, Kidbits!

THERESA MILSTEIN - A fellow TEACHER and northerner (I was born in Plymouth, MA!) I've always enjoyed her TRUISMS!

TIME for Book Event TIPS TO TAKE with you!

Do you have a good sense of TIMING? I hate TAKING restroom breaks because I know THAT'S when customers will visit my TABLE!

And when I see a pre TEEN boy enter the room, I just know he will want to read my book. But it never fails that another author happens to be TALKING to me or someone is blocking his view when he walks by and I feel I've lost a sale. TERRIBLE TIMING!

But, the THING is, if someone is interested, THEY will make a point to check it out, so I shrug it off.

TIMING is also important when prospective readers do make it to my TABLE. I have to TELL myself to hold my TONGUE and let THEM TALK. I TRY to let the books speak for THEMSELVES and be open to questions from TIMID guests. Don't TORTURE THEM by putting THEM on the spot.


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Tammy and Tyrean are awesome. I also featured Tonja today. And a certain other author whose name begins with T...

Jeremy [Retro] said...

You should be on your own list, but if you were we would all ready be here like we are. :)

Annalisa Crawford said...

There are some awesome T bloggers, aren't there? I know most of the ones featured today :-)

Annalisa, writing A-Z vignettes, at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep

Rhonda Albom said...

I was so happy to see you at Alex's blog today. Good thoughts on talking, not talking and hopefully not losing sales.

Susan Gourley/Kelley said...

A blogger I don't know yet. Going to check her out.
The timing thing that bothers me is the person who stops by and wants to tell you about the book 'they' are writing and stands in front of you and won't move on. They don't intend to buy your work.

Anonymous said...

I've only visited Tyrean during the challenge. Hello to the others.

~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
Member of C. Lee's Muffin Commando Squad
Story Dam
Patricia Lynne, Indie Author

Unknown said...

Awww these are so fun!

SpacerGuy said...

Great choice for T. Timing is everthing, I totally agree, I hope now is a good time to friend you!!

J.L. Campbell said...

I know most of your T bloggers.
Yup, timing is mucho importante.

Tyrean Martinson said...

Thanks for the sweet shout-out!!! You have one at my blog today, too. :)

And thanks for the tips and thoughts on timing. I've struggled with that at book signings too.

Carrie-Anne said...

I'm familiar with all your T bloggers, some more than others.

Good timing could be learnt by just watching how other writers do it when they have a book signing or other event.

Lisa said...

I've been to a few of these bloggers sites! Yay! I know what you mean by not wanting to miss a sale. Good thing there are a lot of people in the world who like to read, still! Lisa, co-host AtoZ 2015, @

Nick Wilford said...

What top notch bloggers! I know them all. And Tyrean featured you and Tammy too, so lots of love going around.

Dixie@dcrelief said...

Special T line up here!

AJ Lauer said...

I've only had one book event so far.. Will hopefully do more once I've got another book under my belt! Sounds frustrating when people can't get to you.

Only six more letters to go!
~AJ Lauer
an A-Z Cohost
@ayjaylauer on Twitter

beingFab said...

And I reached Tara Tyler's blog exactly on T-day!! Should check out the other T blogs too!

Trisha said...

Aww thank you Tara, I'm touched (that's a lot of T's too! hehe). No, really, I am very touched that you included me in the list. Especially with such great other bloggers. :)

You are awesome!

Fida Islaih said...

Thank you for sharing!

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