Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't slip!

Drabble Day, "Slip" (not really Freudian...guess I slipped there too)

I am a clumsy fool. I am not modest or humble, just truthful. I trip up stairs, slip on ice, hurt others accidentally when I’m trying to joke and have dropped my phone so many times it’s a wonder it works. These slips I live with and laugh along with you.

It’s the things that slip out of my mouth I have trouble owning. My personality is just do it! What consequences? And my bluntness has cost me a friend or two, offending without knowing. Just saying what I feel.

The only unregrettable slip I’ve taken, is falling for you.


junebug said...

I've had the same problem. Sometimes I'm sad about some of the friends I've lost but what can you do. A sorry is all there is and sometimes it just isn't good enough.

As for accident prone, well, I am known for that trait. You made me think of the time I accidentally closed my husband's head in the oven. Of course, I was forgiven because another time he was standing across the room and kicked up his shoe so he could catch it but instead it went sailing across the room and hit me in the head.

Here's to clumsy bloggers!

Marjorie said...

I love Drabbles! Yes, I too have put my foot in my mouth a few times.

Anonymous said...

All's well that ends well:-)

Tara Tyler said...

ok junebug! you win! hilarious =)

marjorie & ksr, thanks for the encouraging words!

C R Ward said...

Great drabble!

As for being accident prone . . . I once prepared a fabulous dinner to impress my inlaws and ended up setting my hair on fire when I was serving desert. :-)

Aheila said...

Interesting drabble! The way it ends is absolutely charming!

As for accidents, I'm only prone to that when I'm tired. But then I'm really, really prone!

Alana said...

I so feel you on the stairs and ice! Oh dear.

I really like this little ditty - quite amusing. :)

MISH said...

Just maybe the final slip could be the one that was worth making ...? You never know ... there is a hint of hope at the end ...:)

Tara Tyler said...

C R - you tie with Junebug! Ha ha ha (I can laugh now, cuz you're ok)

Thanks, Aheila & Alana - you two are great at prompting!

Mish - always hope... =)

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