Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where in the world?

It's getting close to Summer (and we've barely had any Spring!) If you haven't planned your summer vacation yet, you better get moving (like me). The good places seem to fill up fast!

LHW Survey question #3 - Where do you/would you like to go on vacation? Here are the answers my friends from facebook offered. (thanks, friends!) I think I see a theme...

Julie - The beach...any beach
Dana - I'd like to finally take my kids to Disney!
Carla - Disney World!!!
Patty - Love the Keys
Caroline - Ski In Ski Out Resort.
Jill - Disney!!
Shannon - the beach :)
Adele - Sullivans Island in Charleston, SC.... Most peaceful week of my life!!!!! This will be our 10th year going and I never get tired of it.
Christine - Definitely the Canadian Rockies!
Kelly - Somewhere tropical. I love the beach. Hawaii might be nice.
and I'm adding my friend Kim who always loves a good beach, they just got back from San Marco Island.

June Beach, FL (where I grew up)
Looks like the beach is the most popular destination. What is it about the soothing sounds of waves crashing on white sandy beaches? The smell of salty air and suntan lotion? I love those walks down the beach looking for shells and sea life at the edge of the water (nothing too big or pinchy, please!) But I hate putting on a bathing suit and greasing up only to have sand stick to me!

Since I used to live in Florida, I could take or leave the beach - give me a water park lazy river =) Disney will always be my favorite - call me crazy but it's like a second home (and we do timeshare there now). I've been to Greece, England & Scotland, the Rockies, California, Grand Canyon. There's more to explore in the US and I'd love to "do Europe" My big goal someday is to visit Australia (and New Zealand, while I'm over that way, right, Rhonda?)

Where are you going this summer? Where would you like to visit?


Better is Possible said...

We're having a Stay-cation this summer. The West coast of Canada, and it's beautiful here. I'm with you on the sticking sand thing. At any rate, summer is getting closer and that's something to celebrate.

Sarah McCabe said...

No big vacations in store for my family. But we'll probably try to get to the Renaissance festival a couple of times and maybe a couple of trips down to the city (NYC) to visit my husband's family and take my animal loving daughter on her first trip to the Bronx Zoo.

If I could, I've yet to visit Ireland, the UK or Greece and I desperately want to. :)

Tara Tyler said...

stay-cations are great sometimes =) we may do that if we don't get our act together...

I love renaissance festivals! been a while since we've been...probably won't do any big pond-hopping with the kids for so many reasons, but it'll give me and gramps something to do when we retire, right?

Rhonda Albom said...

LOL - Ok, so I am reading your list and nearing the end and thinking to myself, "hey, what about New Zealand - Tara would love it here." And then I got the end and :)
I however really want to go to Morocco. It is the top of my wish list (also Dubai and Petra in Jordan). No plans, just a dream.

FirstTimeMom said...

Great entry Tara! I too could take or leave the beach but will always feel that Disney is my 2nd home. :) It's always our #1 Vacation Destination.

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