Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Friendship Quiz

As promised, here are a few more tidbits from Prevention, May 2011.

Succulent Strawberry Suggestions!
Try these yummy and healthy strawberry recipes:
  • Strawberry Chicken Salad: toss - 2 Tbsp olive oil, 1 Tbsp vinegar, cooked cubed chicken (I use Kirkland's canned) 2 cups cut strawberries, salt & pepper w/ watercress leaves (or your favorite lettuce)
  • Strawberry Cheese Spread: stir - 2 cups chopped strawberries w/ 7 Tbsp cream cheese, 3 Tbsp sour cream and 1 Tbsp chopped fresh basil (I would use 1 tsp prepared) spread on baguels, baguettes or crackers
  • Strawberry Parfait: alternate cut strawberries, vanilla yogurt and granola in a cup (I love this!)
  • Strawberry Salsa: combine - 1 1/2 cups chopped strawberries, 2 Tbsp chopped cilantro, 1 1/2 Tbsp lime juice, 1 Tbsp chopped jalapeno, 2 tsp finely chopped shallot and 1/2 tsp agave nectar
And now for the Friendship Quiz!
Benefits of a strong social network: live longer, better odds of surviving cancer & fights colds! Amazing!
Think of your friends as you answer. On the whole my friends...
  1. ...offer constructive help with problems  Y or N
  2. ...don't insist on getting their own way  Y or N
  3. ...haven't gained a lot of weight recently  Y or N
  4. ...live close enough to see face to face regularly  Y or N
  5. ...rarely complain of being lonely  Y or N
  6. ...feel happy - either for joyful events or just because  Y or N
  7. ...always listen with sympathy when needed  Y or N
  8. ...feel free to ask you for small favors and appreciate your help  Y or N
  9. ...don't act one way alone and another in front of others  Y or N
  10. ...are non smokers  Y or N
  11. ...may sometimes need your shoulder to cry on and vice versa  Y or N
  12. ...understand that you're human and not always perfect  Y or N
  13. ...eat right and/or exercise
  14. ...try to be tactful when they disagree with you  Y or N
  15. ...seem pleased with their relationships and family life  Y or N
  16. ...almost always answer your calls, show up and make time for you  Y or N
  17. ...never stand you up, lie or talk behind your back  Y or N
  18. ...have many other friends  Y or N
  19. ...chat back and forth with you at least once a month  Y or N
  20. ...make you LOL a lot!  Y or N
If you got...
More Yes than No - your friends are good for you!
About Equal Yes and No - ambivalent friends raise your blood pressure more than enemies, but don't cut them off cold turkey. If improvements don't seem feasible, gradually back away and find more positive people.
More No than Yes - if you and your friends are happy but unhealthy, try working together to improve or set the good example and then reevaluate - do it for your health!


Ellie Garratt said...

Fascinating quiz. I've realised that most of my friends are good for me but there are a couple that are verging on being unhealthy. Emm...a lot to think about!

Ellie Garratt

Heather M. Gardner said...

I realized that I don't have enough friends to think about when I tried to take this quiz.

Tara Tyler said...

Thanks, Ellie.

I wonder if this quiz offended anyone. I guess I assumed everyone was happy with their friends and this would just prove it. Usually you don't make friends with someone unless you get along with them in the first place, right?

I feel bad and apologize if I caused anyone to get upset about it.

Tara Tyler said...

Stop that, Heather!
I'm your friend, even if it's long distance!

Bluebell Books Twitter Club said...

creatively yummy.
you rock.

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