Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maid of Valor

I love practicing new poetic forms and my friend, C R Ward has a generous supply.
This week the form is Trijan Refrain

Maid of Valor

Fair maid of Thrack hummed through the wood,
Goodies she did carry.
Filled mother's quest as daughters should,
No intent to tarry.
But fate took hold for in her way
A wounded knight in mud did lay.
But fate took hold
But fate took hold,
Compelled her soul to aid this stray.

As she knelt down, she heard a crunch
And smelt that brimstone stench.
Red glowing eyes, sharp teeth to munch
had come upon the wench.
A dragon fierce presumed her grace,
He held no fear to leave this place.
A dragon fierce
A dragon fierce
Knew not her strength with sword and mace.

The dragon charged, the maid dodged right.
He chomped down on thin air.
She stole the weapon of the knight
And wielded it with care.
She plunged it through the dragon's heart.
She had her plan clear from the start.
She plunged it through
She plunged it through.
This time hero was the maid's part.


MISH said...

It has a lyrical appeal ~ and is full of "Ye Olde Worlde" charm !

Cathy said...

I like it!

C R Ward said...

Nicely done! I love the fact that you chose a mythic theme as well. It just seems to fit the form somehow. :-)

Nicole McLaughlin said...

I love this. Maiden's and knights = right up my alley!

Tara Tyler said...

thanks y'all.

i picked the theme after reading carolyn arnold's post about writing what you love

cause i love a good fantasy =)

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