Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Prevention, June 2011

Time for some health and beauty tips from Prevention magazine =)

For your Health:
  • gardening improves self-esteem and mood - something about a primal longing to connect with mother earth? (I bet that is true of any hobby, I don't care for gardening myself)
  • mushrooms and other foods with riboflavin are said to reduce PMS symptoms.
  • remember how eating an apple is supposed to help whiten your teeth? here are two more natural tooth improvers: cheese really is good with wine, it lessens acidity making it hard for wine to stain your teeth and celery is a natural toothbrush!
  • I always say this and now I know why - I get my best ideas in the shower! and it's because it's a relaxing place, no stress. Stress limits your thinking, relaxing broadens your mind.
  • small talk sharpens short term memory and concentration, as long as it isn't competitive.
  • chocolate milk does a body great! especially after exercise by speeding muscle repair to make you strong.
For Beauty:
  • do you wear glasses like me? well, to help your eyes stand out, line the upper & lower lash lines then use the same color family eye shadow as your glasses.
  • to lessen dark undereye circles, let concealer sit a minute before blending.
  • time to bare the peds! 4 steps to a personal pedicure:
    1. clip & file
    2. soak & soothe - 3 minutes in warm water then pumice as needed
    3. moisturize & massage (I use Bath & Body Works "Isn't Shea Lovely" shea butter for feet)
    4. prep & polish - gently push back cuticles & paint
  • or just get a pedicure! (I must be weird cause I don't like people touching my feet...)


Better is Possible said...

Great tips! I love gardening and can testify to the truth of your first comment.

V.R. Leavitt said...

Wonderful tips!! So glad to hear that cheese is helpful too as I can't really stay away from the stuff. :-)

junebug said...

I love gardening but when everything is dead I feel kind of sad.

I am so clueless on beauty. I have no idea what 1 and 2 mean. I thought I would hate pedis but now I love them. A good one is worth its weight in gold.

MISH said...

Thanks for the beauty tips ! And I love the new look blog ! It's snazzy ...

Plain Jane said...

I like the personal pedicure part. I believe I will do this today and save myself $20. Yay for chocolate!!

kjmckendry said...

Thanks for the tips! Any excuse to have wine and cheese is good for me. :)

Also I love the quote about authors and obscurity.

kjmckendry said...

.....oh I forgot I also love your snazzy new design!

Nicki Elson said...

Yay, health and beauty tips! I can't believe that first tip about gardening---after pretty much taking last spring/summer off, I'm back in the gardening game and I was JUST thinking about how much happier I feel.

One chocolate milk coming up after every work out from now on. :) Ought to be a good incentive, huh?

Heather M. Gardner said...

Love your new look!

We must be related.
I hate gardening. I killed a cactus once.

I also hate people touching my feet. It's just creepy.

And, really, I don't need exercise as an excuse to drink chocolate milk, but now that I have one...

Nicole McLaughlin said...

fun! I love the new image!

I love the shower insight, so true. For me it's also driving down the highway in the country. Lots of ideas there!

Tara Tyler said...

glad you guys liked the tips. I love hearing how you all relate to them!
I have very dark circles (too many late nites) and tried that tip - it seemed to help a little

junebug you crack me up!

heather g - yay, blog sister!

and thanks again for noticing my summer getaway image =)

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