Tuesday, May 15, 2012

randOm tueSday

Then & Now

Some of you may know that I substitute teach, mostly high school math (my specialty). If you didn't, now you do! It's funny how some things never change. Most teens continue to have attitudes and lack of motivation, and there are still clicks. But maturity and responsibility evolve in most of them eventually (here we are!) My favorite saying that has stuck around forever is "Like" - Like, you know. Like, no way! He was like...

Anyway, this post was inspired by the fashion that walks around and how things have changed.

THEN                                                  NOW
skin tight jeans                                  elasticized
                                                          skin tight
leggings, under skirts                        leggings,
                                                          in all their
walkman                                           ipod
headphones                                     earbuds (headphones coming back!)
payphone                                         smart phone
passing notes                                   texting
talking on phone                               texting
going steady                                     texting
breaking up                                       texting

we had reality tv:                            now there's:
Cops & pageants                            too much reality
VCR                                                 DVR, TiVo
boob tube                                         you tube

I could go on and on...got any to add?


Daisy Carter said...

texting. texting. texting. LOVE IT! I read somewhere future generations will develop humps because of the posture involved in texting and using tablets and smart phones.

Morgan said...

LOL! Too funny. Loooooved this, Tara. So entertaining! Spot on.

Rena said...

This was so fun, and spot on.

Madeline Mora-Summonte said...

We had records and cassettes, Atari, typewriters and word processors, handwritten letters and diary entries. (Okay, I'm done now. And, apparently, old.) :)

M.J. Fifield said...

My eight year old niece came to spend a weekend with me a while back and she was watching the television in my office and asked if I could fast forward through the commercials. I told her the TV didn't have a DVR or a remote and she actually said, "OMG. No remote? How do you change the channels?"

It was hysterical.

And Atari. Oh, how I loved the Atari.

Dana said...

I love this! Texting, texting, texting--how right you are!

Christine Rains said...

That was hilarious! The amount people text these days drives me bonkers. I'm one of the free folk who don't own a cell phone. I also remember watching reality TV and everyone strove to not be that idiotic. Now kids watch reality TV and want to be that stupid!

Angela Cothran said...

LOL! Too many funny things to name :) Maybe texting has something to do with the resurgence of the exclamation point!!!

Romance Book Haven said...

A very hilarious post!

I've seen children as young as seven texting!

And recently we had US visitors, the two kids, two yr old and a five yr old had an Ipad and were putting in pin nos and all.

Marjorie said...

Crazy hair and cloths- tattoos and piercings.

Lynn Proctor said...

haha i think you just about covered them all!!

McKenzie McCann said...

I hate those tights you're supposed to wear with nothing over them. I like to call them, I-forgot-my-pants pants, because that's exactly what it looks like.

Plus when those people walk, their butts jiggle, and it's unsightly.

Annalisa Crawford said...

I was shopping last week and realised that everything in the shop was what I wore when I was about 10 (many years ago!)

Leggings with nothing else always makes me laugh - especially when people don't realise they are see-through at a certain stretch, and you can see the pattern on their knickers!

Tara Tyler said...

Daisy - humps? Igor!

Morgan & Rena - thanks, the truth is funny =)

Madeline - how could I forget typewriters?! And Atari! I used both frequently, also old =)

MJ - I know, I'm so used to rewinding or ff on the tv! My parents still have our old Atari & my kids get a kick out of it

Dana - yep!

Christine - yeah, they want to be U-tube stars, too to prove they can do the dumbest stuff!

Angie - yes!!!!

RBH - I hate that! but it's the E-generation...

Marjorie - yeah, then too much eye shadow, now pierce, tattoo, goth!

Lynn - yep!

McKenzie - I wish I knew why they do it...

Annalisa - or lack of (had to send one to office for light colored leggings only - everyone noticed her thong - ewwww!

Thanks for the comments, y'all!

Anonymous said...

I think it should be illegal to wear leggings without a skirt or dress. It's not a good look for anybody. Seriously, I think going out in just your underwear is more flattering than wearing leggings without anything over them.

I also think Crocs should be illegal, but that's impossible for me to talk about without plunging into a rant...

Elizabeth Briggs said...

Haha, this is funny. It's amazing how much teenagers text.

Victoria Lindstrom said...

Love this post! What a about: then - book. Now - e-reader? ^_^

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