Saturday, December 18, 2010

babies are like puppies

If you don't have kids and are considering parenthood, get a puppy. It's like caring for a baby, at light speed. If you can do a puppy, it'll prepare you for the more important challenges of a baby. Some comparisons...
  • They both need constant attention
  • They sleep a lot in the beginning
  • Middle of the night wake up calls
  • It's ok to let them cry a bit before going to sleep
  • Don't let them get into the habit of sleeping with you - it's harder to break than to not start
  • They're so soft and cuddly - it's hard to get mad at them!
  • Bonus of a puppy, you skip over the diapers and go immediately to potty training. "Not on the floor!"
  • And they teethe without the crying, but you still have to yell, "Get that out of your mouth!"
Sleep, eat, play, cry, poop - isn't that what life is all about anyway?

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