Wednesday, December 22, 2010

i've been scrooged

This Christmas season has been exhausting.
The snow, sickness and stress have been relentless. I'm really tired of clorox, lysol and rubber gloves. I've washed way too many loads of sheets and towels - and the rest of the housework has been piling up.
And why does it seem that a million other things are added onto my to do list at this time of year besides presents and cards and decorating?
  • Someone or two in my house has been sick at least every other weekend - everyone but me and it's been making me paranoid to get sick.
  • We got our growing boys new furniture, shopped around, made arrangements for the old furniture, unpacked the drawers, delivery at different times so dealt with stress of partial rooms, finally restocked drawers and put everything back.
  • Our car lease is up next month so we had to go test drive - which we kept putting off because of all the sickness and travel.
  • We've had unexpected doctor, dentist and orthodontist appointments come up.
  • The kids have already had two snow days, which means I don't have to work, but I also can't get anything done - and it's only December!
  • My husband has been out of town a bunch - he never goes out of town in December. So I've been running ragged with practices and games. And whiners.

I'm not complaining. I'm venting. I'm dealing with it all. It's just exhausting. And I feel bad that I haven't kept up with all I need to. I didn't get some gifts I wanted to and now it's too late. And there's more that I probably won't get to. I finished putting together our last minute donation for the end of the year (which has to be on the porch by 7:30 AM) and was up late wrapping another round of presents tonight, so I figured I'd add my daily blurb... How bout that, it's 3 AM.

Things will slow down after the first, right? Wishful thinking.

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