Thursday, December 9, 2010

Don't touch my stuff!

I've had a pretty good week. Even though I was busy for most of it, I got a ton accomplished and was in a pretty good mood, most of the time. Yeah, me!
But I have to share one incident that shows how insensitive people can be. Wednesday was my busiest day...
  • slept in until 6:50am (ha ha)
  • got child #1 and child #2 on bus
  • took shower, woke child #3
  • got child #3 on bus
  • dropped off HW for child #2 at school
  • picked up roast for dinner at grocery
  • put roast together into crock pot
  • met friend for brunch, relaxed a little =]
  • stopped in 2 stores for xmas gifts
  • home to complete grocery list and let dog out
  • got groceries in record time, incident occurred here
  • sped home to put groceries in fridge
  • dashed to pick up child #3 for unexpected orthodontist appt
  • then picked up child #1 to come with
  • ortho appt over early, time for snack at bookstore
  • picked up child #2 from after school activity
  • dinner & HW
  • cleared rooms and drawers to be ready for furniture delivery in morning
  • made last minute arrangements for bus next morning, husband had surprise am mtg come up
I think that was about it. Tuesday was almost as busy.
The incident: I am anal about my groceries. I hate when things get squished so I organize the stuff as I fill my cart and how I put it all on the belt to be bagged (I'd rather just do it myself and do sometimes). Elderly lady with only one item got behind me. She started "helping" me put stuff on the belt.
"Please don't help me," I said very nicely. Why don't you go do the self checkout or the express lane, I thought. But I kept smiling and unloading and was done in no time. I also don't like waste so I bring my own bags and don't bag anything large. I help the bagging person because they sometimes think all my stuff needs 2 carts - I have NEVER needed 2 carts (unless my husband comes along). Anyway I was hurrying so I could make it home and I felt like that lady was rushing me so I probably looked frantic and stressed (maybe I was).
She said, "You'll live longer if you take life less seriously." (How does she know how I take life?) and "Slow down and exercise." (HUH?) and "I ran marathons when I was younger." (SO??? This is my exercise!)
I just nodded and smiled. I said, "You have no idea what I have to get done."
She said "I had four children." (Yea? You probably sat home and baked cookies, too. I am not you!)
She didn't get why I didn't want her touching my stuff. First, she doesn't care about my stuff but more importantly I've been dealing with sickness in my house on and off for two months! DON'T TOUCH MY STUFF!!!

Whew. But I wasn't mad about it. I just think people should keep their judgements to themselves. Especially when they don't know the whole story.

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