Tuesday, December 14, 2010

You can't fight it

I do not look forward to aging. I already have signs of body breakdown - graying hair, eyesight getting worse, can't lift as much... But as I always say, Whatever! Worrying about it will only make it come quicker.

Thinking about aging always reminds me of the circle of life. How we start as helpless babies, grow in knowledge and physical stature, then we reach our peak and start back down the slope, losing our strength and our minds, until we end up incoherent, dribbling and in diapers again...ain't life grand!

Baby, baby, goo goo
I wish I understood you.
Do you want a bottle?
Did you make a poo poo?

Oh my son you can't go
By yourself, you don't know
How to find your way home
Wait because I said so.

My young man is all grown
Out there in the unknown
Living life on his own.
I miss him and wish he'd phone.

Now I'm over the hill.
Can't afford a big spill.
Have to take another pill.
Memory has gone nil.

Hey, Mom, can you hear me?
Wonder if she can see
Does she know that we
always love her dearly.

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