Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's hard to be a Christian

I have a fiesty personality, especially when I'm late or if I've been wronged or when I have to take crap from nasty people. Those are the hardest times for me to have a Christian, turn the other cheek attitude.

And it seems that it all piles up and hits at once. But I guess it's not really a test if it's only one problem. It's gotta be one thing on top of another, pushing me to the limit. Well, I was tested tonight.

Problem #1, idiots on the road cutting me off and driving super slow because they didn't know where they were going - AHH! GET OUT OF MY WAY! Yelling at them inside my car is pointless and sets a terrible example to my kids.
Grade = "F"

Problem #2, son's opposing team is huge and playing down a level. So for our first game of the season we had to play Gulliver and his cronies. Two of our kids got hurt and I was responsible for both of them - AHH! THIS IS SO UNFAIR! WE SHOULDN'T BE PLAYING THESE GUYS! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! Tried very hard to keep mouth shut, complained some in stands with other mothers, happy to have boys to take care of to get mind off frustration.
Grade = "C"
(Final score 56 - 11 or something like that. And not only did they score a lot, but they were aggressively mean, no mercy, bullies - How can people like that coach be proud of their wins? Not just win at all costs - CRUSH THEM! And there is so much more, but I have to continue with my test...)

Problem #3, since we were late, house was a mess and it was pointed out to me when we got home. Fine, whatever, I cleaned it up while grumbling.
Grade = "A-"
(more to that story too, but not worth it)

Problem #4, Survivor. Two healthy young girls quit. There should be a penalty for quitting. They should at least let people that were voted off get another chance. One was just a wimp. The other was an obnoxious, selfish, defiant girl with way too much attitude - she is going to have a rough life if she doesn't find some humility or just some humanity. Good riddance, woulda been voted off anyway. Not really a test, just adds fuel to my "kids today are a bunch of lazy, spoiled whiners!"

Now I must attend to the dishes and get ready for work tomorrow. Maybe my evening will have a big finish and I'll get sick...hope not!

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Anonymous said...

I think I like the "Werkendam" street marker. My sentiments exactly.

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