Saturday, January 8, 2011

gas prices go up, gas prices go down?

My sister-in-law is predicting the gas prices in Michigan will be $5.00 soon.

I do mostly local driving - part time work, church, shopping, games, etc. So I don't have to fill up too often. Here are a few strategies I use to get the most value for my gas money:
  • When I'm driving around I notice who has the best price.
  • If I'm really low and the prices are too high ($3 lately!) I only fill up half way, hoping by the time I need it again, they will come back down.
  • If I see the price is low I usually fill up if I have half a tank or less.
  • Rumor has it prices go up for the weekends and holidays. This seems to be true as I keep tabs on my stations - they like to hike it up on Wed or Thurs!
  • Another trend is that gas stations near the highway are usually a few cents more, for the lucky travelers who have to stop at an exit to fill up.
  • Carpooling is great, if you know anyone going the same place at the same time (not good for my crazy schedule)
  • When I can, I try to plan a shopping event - park in the middle of a shopping center and walk around to the stores. Plus, it's good exercise.
Usually the difference in the prices is only a few cents. But it adds up!
If I ever get back in the classroom, I will encourage my students to solve the problem of transportation - How do we make electric cars cool?

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