Sunday, January 9, 2011

Look younger!

Not drastic measures, not botox. Just makeup tips (from my favorite magazine, Prevention)
  • give your brows a lift with a brow pencil a shade lighter than your chosen hair color.
  • don't put cover up in "crows feet" and "parenthesis" (the lines from nose to mouth), it emphasizes them. Use concealer below the lines or where a shadow falls.
  • lessen the droop of your mouth with highlighter and concealer, again minimizing shadows.
  • hide a double chin using a darker shade or bronzer under there.
  • on a side note, try some red lipstick - it's supposed to brighten your complexion and distract from flaws. If your skin tone is towards the yellow end of the spectrum, use warmer reds with orangy or brown tones, if it's bluer or pinker use cooler colors like rose, scarlet and berry.
I like to try things on a day I'm not going anywhere...experiment and see if any of it works.

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