Monday, January 17, 2011

How do they know?

I do not like computers to think for me. Sometimes it can be helpful, like facebook suggesting names of people I might know if I start to write part of the first name or MS Word underlining misspelled words (so I don't look like an idiot for my sister to correctify me).

What I don't like is when a program automatically corrects me. Computers don't know no slang! They ain't programmed for funny abbrevs. They git on my nerves! Then I have to go back and rewrite the dumb computer's correction - I wanted to spell it that way! (And I have to yell at the computer, even though it doesn't hear me, it's therapeutic!) The worst "helper" I've come across so far is on my crazy ipad. When I type it offered words it thought I might want to use and if I just kept typing it put the words it suggested instead of what I wanted! I turned that "help" off real quick! STOP HELPING ME!

Just another useless invention to dumb people down and make them lazier. Go look it up! They're making it harder and harder to explain to kids why they have to go to school - my computer does everything for me - what else is there to learn? and what else is there to invent?

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