Friday, January 7, 2011

It's All I Know

It's All I Know...

Live in your bubble.
Safe. Limited. Afraid?
Small problems, small mind.

Get out!
Go places!
Leave your comfort zone!

Point to the globe,
Any point.
Methods differ, life is the same.

We search for happiness.
Live, love, die.
The core holds true.

Appearances deceive.
Embrace difference.
Not like you.

Never judge.
What gives you the right?
Why is your way best?

Go find out.

I wrote this poem, talking to myself. I watched a video of National Geographic photographers and it reminded me of some missionaries I used to know from college. I really admire their courage to reach out to the world. (I don't even like to go camping.) And now I would like to travel but I don't want to deal with the darn airport security!!! I'm such a woose!

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