Friday, January 28, 2011

Recycling anyone?

Does anyone else have trouble getting their family to recycle?
I think my family has had the cards stacked against us from the beginning.
  • We used to live in Michigan where they force you to recycle by charging you a deposit on cans and bottles - then you have to collect them and take them in and put them into the machine to get your money back. We did not enjoy that so we rebelled and enjoyed throwing away recyclables for a while.
  • Another thing is that when we moved we never got a recycle bin. Not that we cared at the time. But not having one was a good excuse to keep us from getting motivated.
  • I finally got one. But now I seem to be the only one in the family who attempts it. Rinsing out trash, not knowing what they will take, collecting it, etc - it's a big pain in the booty! Not to mention, sometimes when it gets piled up by the sink I get lazy and just throw it in when I take out the rest of the garbage. I don't have three hands!
I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle...any suggestions?

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