Thursday, January 20, 2011

What is the next great invention?

What would you like to see invented? I believe I have every modern convenience that I could ever want and many that I don't. I feel blessed to live in this age and can't imagine life getting better. The area I would like help with is cleaning - I hate cleaning the house! And it's so futile! It feels like such a waste of time. Sure it's nice to have a clean house but it gets dirty again so quickly. And I have so many other things to do! Unfortunately the problem I see in our future is laziness taking over. People used to say "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" - well say, "Laziness is the Father of Invention!" You think obesity is a problem now? Wait until these beauties come out:
  • A combination washer/dryer - you don't have to move the laundry from one machine to the other. Either they are combined or take care of the switch for you.
  • Speaking of laundry - how about an auto-folder, I can see it as a possibility for towels and sheets anyway.
  • A waterless dish cleaner/sanitizer - after dinner, put your dishes in and bammo, they're clean! Like a microwave, in seconds. No water, no dish pan hands.
  • A refrigerator calorie counter - the fridge scans what goes in and can tell you by weight what you have eaten and how many calories it was.
But the two greatest inventions I see a need for (besides a cure for cancer and alternatives to gasoline) are:
  • a way to take care of all the garbage!!!
  • a better way to get through airport security!

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