Sunday, September 26, 2010


It takes a lot to surprise or impress me. I can usually predict movies, down to lines and expressions - to the annoyance of my husband and awe of my children. There isn't a whole lot of new and different out there. It's all remakes or a little twist on things that've been done. I keep thinking "How did that get produced? I could do better than that!" Must have something to do with who you know?

And why does a movie have to be intense or depressing to get good reviews? Isn't "Eat Pray Love" the same as "Pretty Woman Does India 20 years later"?

I guess that's why I enjoy movies like "Despicable Me" - unpredictable, hilarious. It helps that going to a movie like that, you're not expecting much so you're more easily impressed. (Can't wait for Megamind to come out!)

Ah if only I could get paid to be a critic. How do you get that job? But I think too many people like the same ol same ol. Or they wouldn't keep making 'em.

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