Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ode to Football Fans

Fall is the time for football.
Sunny days and cooler nights.
Tailgate parties in the lot,
Meet your friends, give your ticket.
Time to root for the home team.

Smells of popcorn and hot dogs.
Sitting in the cold, hard stands.
The crowd cheers for a touchdown.
The band beats a rockin tune.
Cheerleaders jump, yell and wave.
Oh no, they fumbled the ball.
But that's all right, that's ok.
Until the other team scores.
Didn't that ref see the hold?
Is the coach losing his touch?

Half time pep talk might boost them.
Yes, look at that. What a play!
Looks like we might have a chance.
Never give up, keep the faith.
The fans are happy again.

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