Thursday, September 9, 2010

You don't know how lucky you are

I subbed for a "special needs" teacher today. What an experience.

We see these autistic kids sometimes but never really have to come into contact with them. I thought I was good, looking at them and saying "Hi" to them. And I knew it must be hard for any parents who have one. But what I saw today is that these are regular kids hidden under the waving arms and outbursts.They each had different personalities and likes and dislikes. They were so smart and polite and well-behaved. I wish more people could see it for themselves. It's just so hard to understand why this has to happen. This is one of the jobs I have great respect for that I could never handle on a daily basis. I appreciated these professionals before, but seeing it up close takes it to a whole other level.

Thank you for choosing to be where most would not.

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