Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My internet (and phone) was out yesterday...

Speaking of nuts, I've never heard of so many peanut allergies. Which aren't really nuts, by the way.

Our world is becoming too sensitive! The number of people with allergies has increased substantially in the past twenty or so years. I have no survey study or data to back up my theory, just personal experience. When I was young (ouch to say that phrase) there used to be only one poor schmuk in our entire school that was allergic to everything. Now there seems to be at least one in every class! And this is serious business! Every time a person has an allergic reaction, the next reaction is twice as bad and twice as fast! Just the fact that I personally know several kids with food allergies makes the occurance higher. I can't imagine the worry of a parent sending their child to school and hoping they don't run into a careless kid who could accidentally trigger them. I hate to think of the life expectancy of those poor kids as their allergies get worse - but then again, some actually grow out of them.

And what the heck is gluten! That's the latest allergy threat and it is apparently in everything! I met a woman in her 50s that just found out she was allergic to it. Now she feels great just avoiding stuff with gluten. Which is almost every processed food.

I think we are concocting our food and drink with so many chemicals to make them "lighter" and "lower in fat" and "healthier" (yet still taste good!) that we are slowly killing ourselves. I'm not a naturalist, I'm too lazy, so I expect to get cancer someday. But really, what is this world coming to? Should we go back to the good old Little House on the Prarie days? (Hey, I might have to write a book about that...hmmm) I mean what else is there to invent or improve upon? There seems to be too many people and not enough for them to do...except cure diseases that we are probably the cause of?! I feel the end is near. Hope you're right with God!

Whoa! That sure went off on a tangent...

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