Sunday, September 12, 2010


I was put to the patience test today and failed.
It started this afternoon. I was late for a delayed game that started earlier than it was delayed to - fine we can be late, then I found my husband's phone that he forgot and felt rushed to get it to him because he kept getting calls about the game starting, then I got stuck behind a student driver dutifully going the speed limit (ahh!), text came in - "game starting in 5 minutes, where are you?" Ahh! Highway good, off highway bad - directions good, street signs bad, am I lost? wait I can find it without the darn GPS! Ok, after more self doubt and some cursing, found game, only missed 1st quarter.

But that's not all.
Game ok. We scored! Finally! (it's been at least 8 games since either of my boys' teams scored any points) Second half ok. Last few minutes, a couple bad calls - so frustrating, and apparently our coaches gave up for the loss even though we had a minute and the ball - argh!, final score 14-6. Better than yesterday 20-0. I'm happy my boys did well individually but that is all I will say - don't want to get going on it again. Anyway, should have hit restroom before we left, but didn't want to there so rushed to get home. Got stuck behind a guy who had to wash his windshield a few times - thanks for washing mine too, buddy. Then on highway a three across dead heat, come on!

That's when it hit me. I need to have more patience. I was setting a terrible example. My kid will be a student driver before I know it and I want him to go the speed limit. The other team did well, good for them. I hope our kids are having fun despite losing, they don't seem as bothered as the parents. And as soon as I realized it everything was fine.

I need to slow down and relax. Or at least start earlier!

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