Sunday, September 19, 2010


I have happily reconnected with one of my long lost friends. She is an amazing woman who has experienced more than most. Like so many of my friends, she inspires me to overlook my piddly problems and realize how good I have it. I am not as strong as she is - I could never have dealt with all she has been through.

This beautiful person was married around 18 or 19, had a child and got divorced. I met her when her daughter was about 3. She was a single mother working full time, with the help of her parents. It was hard on her but she still tried to enjoy herself and date sometimes. I watched her make it through good and bad relationships and even introduced her to her second husband. They had two wonderful kids and moved around a ton. In the midst of all that she made it through breast cancer! And she was only in her mid 30s! Unfortunately, she and her husband parted ways. But now I've heard from her again. Yeah! Her oldest is in college (Go Bulldogs!), and she has remarried. Then SURPRISE! She's pregnant! Talk about superwoman!

You go, girl! I love my beautiful friend!

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