Monday, February 7, 2011

feeling a little crazy weekly flash fiction challenge..."square"
here's my entry:

"My Square"

I live in a square. Four walls. Soft, padded walls.

I can throw myself at them and bounce off. Watch!


See? Oh, I’m fine. My neck hurts a little, but that’s ok.

I can see my toes. Wiggle, wiggle. It’s warm in here. Wish I could take off this jacket. I’d love to scratch my nose. Oh! It itches, itches, itches!

I know! I’ll use my toes!

Let me just sit here, criss-cross. Allll-mooost. Ahh! I did it!

Heeeey. Did you hear that? Well, I did.

Tell them to shut up! It’s their fault I’m in this square!

Stupid voices. Two people talk to me all the time. They say they’re my friends. They won’t leave me alone!

They say to smash my head at the window so someone will let me out.

I’m not going to do it!

The last time I hurt myself to get someone to come they put this jacket on me. I won’t listen any-more!


Do you like my hair? It used to be longer. I wish I had a brush. Look. I can make it sway when I shake my head. Swish, swish.

What? Was that you? No. It was them. What do they want now?

Hmm. Ok. I will try that. That might work.

I put my head through my arm. And now the other arm. Oh, they were right! That feels much better.

Now that my arms are free they want me to grab the nurse when she comes to change me. No. They said to bite her. No!

They said I can go outside.


I miss outside. I close my eyes and remember. Grass in my toes. Sun on my face.

But wait! I can hear it raining. No, no, no.

Maybe tomorrow at breakfast. I can wait until then. I’m tired now. Let me sleep.

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